Pussies don't need saving Honay

Pussies don't need saving Honay



and get ahold of your moments and choose some quiet to get centered and OWN that situation like a bossss.

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THIS is why your mentor can't successfully guide you

THIS is why your mentor can't successfully guide you

Are you ready for this? We're not going to people please or make it pretty.

There is a reason the other therapists, mentors, coaches and guides didn't create a winning break through for you

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Shame shame shame on you

Quit fuckin' around

And messin' about

Oh you did it again?

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And choose 1, 2 or 3!


Anything you've ever experienced before.

This experience is NOT for quitters, half in half out. 

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Is this for absolute beginners to spiritual learning and energy?

It is best to check in with Val if you’re JUST BEGINNING but there is nothing you really need other than an open mind, heart and willingness to get to know yourself better and to resonate with my energy and what I’m offering. However, there is a level of self mastery, commitment and investment you must meet to join this particular Valtopia experience.

Is this for expert master energy spiritual gurus?

YES. If you love intuitive sound frequencies, light language, intuitive readings that let you know about your energy, experimental and are looking for new way for you to shift into an even deeper state of mastery, there is healing and magic for you.

Will I know my future - is this fortune telling?

NO. You are learning about your own body, mind and spiritual energy in and around you so as to feel confident in your own ability to feel kickass daily. THIS will bring you a great future if you stick to what you find works for you and allow yourself to immerse and embody in the experience. However, many clients have shifted into a much deeper psychic and extra sensory awareness through this work.

Will you clear past life energies and patterns?

Yes - we will learn to see, address and release them through this experience together.

Will you clear inner child energies and patterns?

Yes - we will learn to see, address and release them through this experience together

Will I be healed forever from this experience?

You are whole and healed and you will remember so much of yourself during this experience. The shifts and transformations are different for each individual and where they are in their life experience. This powerful experience will deepen as you allow yourself to immerse in it. That is the beauty of the in person events being offered.

Will I make a return on my investment in this experience?

If not in money, for sure in energy and self love and awareness. That, my dear, is priceless. Your ability to tune in deeply, rapidly and shift in an instant, no matter the circumstances is an irreplaceable and powerful tool - we will learn many in this experience and develop new ones!

Will I have access to Val one on one in this experience?

In the group, you will live exchange, depending on what is being channelled through in the fb group and Val will be present and responding to all group discussions.You can book in for a private 20 minute one on one and have access on voxer for support between the in person events.

Will I have access to all the files after the experience is over?

This experience is live and running while we do it and content will be recorded and put into the membership site.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for during the experience?

You will need to be present, listen to the materials provided and follow any journal prompts or exercises that come through. Each transmission will build upon the last creating a whole immersive transformation. 


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