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Hello gorgeous Valtopians!


I'll be honest - I'm still growing into all the various methods of social media and communication to share with you my latest ideas and gifts! I am growing quickly and it's all flowing with ease and joy, so hang tight - good stuff coming!! 

I have been so blessed and fortunate to have attended THREE high level trainings with three different female entrepreneur LEADERS in the last couple of weeks and not only did they blow me away with their genius, their passion and their integrity and value, but I came away knowing some solids about their success. I speak about this in the video here on Youtube. I will be adding a lot more videos here, please subscribe and share as it gets better and better, and stay tuned for exciting offerings.

If you want to connect with me email me

Join me Monday nights 9 pm PST LIVE on fb under my Val Cripps profile and bring your Valtopia coloring books - we will color live and go on a meditative journey with multidimensional healing and expansion.

I am about to be making a few different offers on ways you can experience the Valtopian experience of transforming your energy to vitality!  Stay tuned here, or @valtopia on IG and twitter, or on fb/ValtopiaStudios.

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  • Xadrian says...

    I’m quite pleased with the inifamrtoon in this one. TY!

    On Feb 14, 2017

  • Keyaan says...

    Fiinndg this post has solved my problem

    On Feb 11, 2017

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