The fine line between pushing yourself and self sabotage.

I just watched Amy Winehouse documentary and it was gripping. She is mesmerizing and hearing her sing and own it so fully in the moments when she did - WOW.

Watching the awkward spiral away from her most radiant and present self was painful and triggered an awareness of my own moments of being in or very near the spotlight, and I froze, or got lost in my own thoughts and escaped being in the flow of the moment by having a visceral moment of adrenaline and fear. I think of all the times I have pushed myself way out of my comfort zone. I went to France by myself when I was 16 and lived with a family I had never met! I lived on my own in New York city in my early 20s and worked in some exciting spots, including the Dolce Gabbana showroom. I booked a freelance gig for $10,000 my first month in entrepreneurial business with my former art studio, Studiorevz, over ten years ago. Some of the moments I nailed it and relished the moment, and other times, it didn’t align and you maybe you could say, I blew it. There’s a fine line between sabotaging yourself and pushing yourself to the next level. That’s the line I straddle, that’s the wave I’m riding in on, and I’ve been surfing for a while. I am intending the flow, and more and more? Baby,  onI'm here.

If you’re struggling with that fine line between sabotage and sweet succotash, if you’re a baller afraid of ballin’ it up, know that you are able to choose more clarity, consistency and conviction, and be so much less fearful of making the commitment you must in order for your dreams to come true.  I’ve found that to stay in the flow and thrive and really own my experiences in delight and joy, rather than getting stuck, or totally bombing out, I must remain an open channel to intuitively guided connection with energy. From fitness to nutrition, schlocky metaphysics theory and woo woo science, we can be an instant expert on most of these and they do help your mind to release control of the fears and limitations it is creating to protect you. More powerfully, great energy work and deeply guided intuition will motivate, inspire and shift your energy and ultimately unstick, unblock you and return you to your #rockstarlovebomb self.  

What fears are you locking yourself into in order to protect yourself from your living in your best energy and joy?

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