Music, passion and #rockstarlovebomb

I did another session of Valtopia Color it UP! live last night on FB.  I've been doing it live on fb as a way to let people see me coloring, maybe take a moment or an hour for themselves and feel that slow down button, that chillax pause that will reset, reboot and regenerate you. When we are going big and strong and making it happen, YES we have to push ourselves, and be strong and face our fears and own our own magic. AND we must take the time to properly nourish our bodies, our spirits and manage our gorgeous energy systems we've been gifted. It's really that simple, and yet sooooo complex, I know.  

So on this video, that's me playing the riff on the rhodes when you hear the keyboard in the very beginning. The rest is mixed in garage band. I was learning it yesterday. 

The music isn’t chilled out like some of the youtube videos I found online. It’s more energizing. I’m excited thinking about the energy I felt directly today, placed into an audio experience to touch different parts of your brain, heart and spirit, and “juj” your energy. I realized today how much I miss music in my life. My mother is a classical pianist and taught me to play from a very young age until I was about ten.  I then took lessons with another teacher, because at ten, we conflicted, and I suppose our family triggers were blocking out the piano lessons and turning into unpleasant experiences for both of us. My mother, deeply caring about my growth as a musician, found a fantastic teacher for me. She totally stepped up the game, and the teacher was a strong woman with a great presence. I loved going to those lessons and I played an hour a day, most every day, and if I didn’t do the scales and the classical piece I was to prepare for my Saturday morning lessons, I would improvise and fool around with chords and whatever sounds I pleased. I often tried to play when no-one was in the house, so that I could be free and make the sounds I really needed and wanted to on that gorgeous piano, and not have anyone witness to it. Just my raw expression unbridled and freeing. I realized today, I love that release. I am looking forward to channeling through more sound and music. Then all really is right with the world. To all of my KICKASS real musician rockstars in my feed and life - thank you for sharing your passions and gifts for the MUSIC with so much dedication and spirit. You all have been rocking out always and it keeps us going!! RAWK ON.

So for me, music is the JOOJOO that keeps me on my path, among other things. What is the thing you do to get good and stay focused on your #rockstarlovebomb life path?  

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