The happy spot between woo and work, fear and flow.

So I've been posting live daily on fb and sharing my thoughts and reading cards to check your energy, and I've been loving it. I've also been taking advice and information from high level coaches and super successful entrepreneurs, and soaking it all in.

These are some of the tasks I am working through daily:

- Mindset every day to get in the best head and heart space to create reality based on intuition and guidance and overcoming fear and blocks
- Fitness - eating properly that optimizes health and moving my body to keep it in the best shape and energy
- Making MONEY - connecting with and offering my services DAILY to reach my precious clients that I so desire to create for, heal and love so that we can all move forward in our best Valtopian way
- Organizing and maintaining the business - money plans, budgets, forecasting, all the marketing and social media (not only making the posts, and connecting with everyone, but updating instagram, twitter, downloading all the videos and posting them here and on Youtube, getting prints of my work to share, sending off client commissions and coloring books, marketing the coloring books in person at boutiques around town, sharing my message)
- energy and spiritual work - if I don't keep up with my energy healers and keep growing spiritually, none of the above keeps for me, because clearing the old, boosting into the new, it's all part of keeping the momentum and flow. I am nothing without my energy and spiritual work and the connection to the divine energy that fuels all of the above

- PAINT AND CREATE - I need to move this up the list :D

And of course, my family. My husband, my two children and our home, which if I'll be straight, could really use some domestic TLC these days, if you look in the closets or drawers. ;) I stop work (for the most part) daily when I go to pick them up until they're in bed, and most of the weekend is family time. I find it hard lately to leave behind the excitement of growing the business, creating and reaching out to new Valtopians, but I also cherish my family and must nurture and nourish them as much as I can so we all thrive together and have blissful moments together. 

In today's Valtopia tv session, I talk about the delicate balance between hustle and spirituality, and being aware of what keeps you motivated, rather than shuts you down. There is a balance between hustle and flow and my magic is about love, energy and flow so you can get back to the hustle. I'd love to guide you however I can. Connect with me if you're feeling the nurturing, magnetic Valtopian energy and KNOW that I can move you. I'm here for you.

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