Healing and shifting your energy to the point you can CHOOSE

We hear from successful entrepreneurs and coaches that there comes a point where you must just CHOOSE to change your life, and from that point on, everything shifts. I have seen this and done this in my life, where I decided and radically shifted my experience from one place to another. But there are also times when we get caught up in our own fear, old patterns, and we are almost unknowingly comfortable in the discomfort we are so used to. We get stuck, or in the land of limbo.
This is when finding help can truly shift you out of this so you CAN choose to move ahead in your life and escape the no zone of limbo land. I talk about this and more in today's session of Valtopia tv. 
Join me live daily on Facebook live for Valtopia tv sessions. I look forward to being with you! If you are stuck in limbo land, and are ready to look at your energy, your old patterns and move beyond so you can CHOOSE your nextination, message me and let's see if we are a fit for one of my energy boosting and shifting sessions. I have been getting wonderful reviews and I look forward to serving you.


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