Defining moments of awareness

I've been having defining moments of awareness, where a deeply buried understanding of how I came to possess a certain view or fear or assessment of something was rooted deeply in a long forgotten experience that ingrained that perspective into my mind. 

I was just beginning my walk on the beach today and just getting into stretching my arms and breathing deeply  I haven't been all week and really needed the release. I  I noticed a woman crouched next to a little bird shooing away bigger birds. I almost walked right on by, but I stopped. I eased into the scene and the woman said maybe it was endangered and the other birds were attacking it  she was quite flustered and I asked her if she wanted me to call someone. I brought the energy down to relax mode and the bird was breathing and alert but couldn't move. After a while of tr ying to figure which of us was going to deal with the bird, she saw a police truck and said "I'll go tell them" and walked off. I felt flustered too, now. Was I gonna stay and save this little bird? I'll tell you the rest in my next post  ....

Here is a video telling the story. 

In those moments of awareness of past conditioning, I am releasing them. I imagine my heart opening and they flow away freely like butterflies. 

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