Catching up with myself

This is my most beautiful day ever. 

I'm sitting here on a beach, chin up, head and shoulders back and straight, feeling complete unity and bliss as the golden light glows off of the waves. I'm warm. I'm safe. I'm perfectly blessed and absolutely delighted with my life! I am releasing to the ocean all of the old stories, all of the past that is no more and may return deep into the core of the earth. What remains is a delicious cool breeze on my face and shoulders, warm sun on my knees and absolute calm and zen! It's stunning today and I am in full gratitude of this moment and know fully that I AM catching up with myself. I AM already here, now and present. How did I get here? By being bold, courageous, having vision and reaching out, by pushing when nobody thought I should but I wanted to keep propelling forward so hard and into what I was creating, I kept going. Who wouldn't want to be on mega PROPEL mode if you were creating life as you feel it deep in your soul? For me, this is where I am right here, right now and as I am designing it. HOT DAMN! 

My dream day day goes like this:

loving and laugh filled mornings of movement and daily rejoicing, good music, good food, birds singing and good vibes to start the day. My man, my kids and good love  

head to the beach, open up to the divine, receive the daily wisdom, awareness and edutainment  express the message as best I can with delight, ease and joy, color and rhythm, humor and depth  

back to the studio for creatung and connecting, shifting and expanding energy, allowing Valtopian experiences that IS art and is flow and is inspired and powerful and all full of YASSSSS  

I will record an audio gift for you bringing you into this bliss and we will find your Youtopia together. Stay tuned Valtopians. It's gonna be hawt! ⭐️


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