Alternate Universe Oclock

Merry Christmas eve Valtopia - who had too much champagne and is getting sassy somewhere in the world?
Bring it.
:) Noooooooooo champagne for me this year. I am chillllllin' and creating for 2019, and it ain't nothin' but another magical Monday leading into a FCK yeah kind of week. I LOVES it.
I can't believe just two years ago, I was living in an alternate universe. I had launched Valtopia and was doing this work - in fact, I was following divine inspiration and bringing through deep work. I was trusting in the moment and some of the women I had the blessing of opening up to their COSMIC gifts more deeply are EPIC POWERHOUSES now! They light up a path of inner abundance and prosperity creation for so many. We need more leaders who shine so brightly. These women struggle through the SAME doubts and fears we all do.
Together we unlocked an aspect of their deepest self and vision and they exploded into their abundance and soul guided expressions living in their true purpose and really creating a huge level of prosperity and wellness for so many!
So this was just two years ago, end of the year ...
I still wasn't free from my marriage and was about to face the gnarliest challenges and some of the most amazing shifts and turns to my life!!
By the end of year last year, I had finally
broken out of the fear that had held me in my own mind warp of fear and submission, where the balance of being was not aligned for anybody. I saw it. I got scared. I tried to bury it and settle down and into it and I got lost and emerged RENEWED and found my soul aligned MAGIC EPIC ability to live more fully than ever.
I had miraculously found an apartment with 30 foot ceilings. An artist's dream and a single mama's haven for the first time in years. The first time to stop, and be quiet, and listen into my own wisdom. I could barely do it at first.
The amount of shame we put on ourselves is SHAMEFUL when you see it in retrospect, and you see how many of your soul tribe you missed reaching, INCLUDING yourself, when you wallow in the fear and shame and do not face the magic of your own resistance!
THIS will be my biggest takeaway from 2018
the blessing of thriving through blinding resistance, the deep unknown and into the beyond.
So many of us found our way through some serious BS in our heads to the brilliance of our life force and vitality and how we can
SHOW UP and we be rollin' into 2019 like
So, back to by this time last year, I'd been invited to an art show, I was almost broke but made rent through my Valtopia offerings,
and in sheer faith and devotion to my clients and
the powerful experiences we were experiencing together,
I trusted,
and continued to share in the moment what comes guided through.
Even though in moments it was terrifying to let go of old beliefs
and not give in to old drama or illness,
I kept backing myself.
And yet I still sabotaged, because the fear and shame ran DEEP. I booked into support to help me focus and stay on track in my business. I brought through art work. I guided my clients deeply. I guided myself through a bunch of invisible barriers and attachments keeping me blocked, blacking out off and on from my own channelled wisdom and consciousness. 
I know you're out there too. PTSD survivors coming into your own deepest strength and courage to be you more boldly, speak your truth to yourself, firstly, and then to the world. Making simple shifts at first and now, having shown your own tribes your magic - where will you be in a year??
BELIEFS will shift like a mofo when you immerse yourself in your own true awareness and connect into the quantum collective and detach from
THE PROGRAM of fear and conditioning that kept you thinking
you weren't enough, or you didn't know your own truth, or couldn't decode your own best nourishment or movement.
It is incredible the level of flow and creativity that is inspired when you stop the BS, face the fuck yeah living in your deepest wisdom that has always guided you. Your wild, woo, wealthy bitch is waiting for you to book this shnizzle in honay. SHE is cheersing you at the end of 2019 as you celebrate having left behind an alternate universe that wasn't truly  you and now you see it SO CLEARLY because you dedicated in focus your monthly EPIC POWERHOUSE ENERGY OCLOCK .
You DO know what your own body, mind and soul is guiding you to do, and it is not crazy, selfish or TOO MUCH for you to devote time to your cosmic alignment that guides from such a deeper space of creation. I'm talking to you as you wake up to your own truth and realize OMG I DO KNOW I must carry through this vision and speak to and find my people on a greater level than ever!
So I'm basking in the celebration of having stood up, spoken up, shined up and dreaming for and listening into what SOUL has guided for me today and EERDAY!
Own your frequency, honay - there's nobody like you! 
Admission to the Epic Powerhouse Inner Circle is here for application honay, be the first one and I have a beautiful bonus for you.
Book in here to rise up into your alternate universe oclock! Where will you be this time next year?

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