Another powerful presence comes through this portrait

Happy New Year! I have been busy with clients, creating art work, and delivering portraits to more divine queens, priestesses and powerful spirits dedicated to serving others with their inspiration and light. These women are so powerful, self empowered and inspirational and I'm HONORED and grateful to serve in uplifting, nurturing and promoting YOU in your expansive journey. Here is my current list of offerings. Jump in while they are here, especially for these portraits, as I have more magic in the works.

Watch this to see Ida's reaction and hear what came through. For this queen so much golden love and dragon coming through. Ascended master bottom right hand corner, great vision and expansion of cosmic connection. Eye of Horus - trust your perception and know that you are guided. Regal queen priestess magic coming through and flight and freedom for those opening up to your eternal wisdom and light as queen of Empowerment. 💙💫 #Valtopia#expansive #experiences

  • Tangela says...

    Great stfuf, you helped me out so much!

    On Feb 11, 2017

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