Are you loveable?

I remember feeling so broken, and feeling so much shame and guilt around myself, with a perception of some great damage and offense I was bringing to the world with my wounded presence. When I began the journey of self support, with therapy, voice over classes, and then spiritual and energetic guidance, I would come to my mentors and healing with such a laden energy of shame for my current state of me. Shame for not being relaxed, and not knowing myself, and not understanding who I really am, and for being needy. I so wanted to be adored, loved, and desired for just me, and yet I felt so unloveable.

I see this with so many who come to me for support. The energy and passion you have for your shame and guilt is just as powerfully flipped into creation. Creation of strength where you have felt weak, creation of connection where you have felt disconnected, creation of self love where you have felt completely unloveable. 

Next month's love drop is a blessing and wonderful way to start the new year. Releasing the need for adoration and feeling loveable. We will let go of any previous programming, energy and tangled up bonds that might be keeping you locked into a state of self sabotage and denial. As I began to clear these energies and contracts, my perception, my capacity to receive and my whole being transformed, and I've experienced this powerfully with my clients. I'd love for you to join us for deep level support and awakening to your own beauty and worthiness for self love and care so you can live your life the way you KNOW it is deep in your heart and soul.


Join us for a trial period and keep in the monthly rate of $37 for just $7 today 12/29/2017 only! 

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