🤔One of the trickiest layers of retraining the brain out of former victim mindset into limitless freedom is CAPABILITY.

🔎 Our lens of how we view others reflects where we are ourselves.

⚡️Soul standards are vital to the uplevel and to collapse the timelines that we created when in resistance.

👉Let the resistance guide you to your desires and instincts.

Do not settle into the familiar bleak outlook of what hasn’t aligned for you before.

You are being called to more and your belief is in question if your standards aren’t faithful.

If you want it, you’ll have it.

If you believe it, and you’ve decided it, you will be it.

👊I get it. And I shine through it.

🙌I see you and I see your vision and I believe in you.

👉You are a powerful creator and those you are meant to guide rise up as you do. They feel your shine and decision to own your frequency and so then they do too.

💪But only when you fully see it, feel it, decide it and BE it.


Not after you have proof.

Not when you get the right signs and feel safe about it because of some external validation.


💰In your clarity of decision, you create the tangible of what you’re being guided to.

I’ve had to trust my intuition time and again, before I had any validation of support or evidence, and for me it comes more readily than others. But I am also very grounded in practical grounded strategy. I have manifested hundreds of thousands of dollars, successfully moved on from divorce and built my own client transformation while I evolve through my own miraculous shift after shift.

I had to get deeper unto my faith in creation and my woo AND integrate my real world strategies to ground the magic.

I get a better more clear and powerful signal every day.

👉My clients feel transmissions instantly and then we are able to work through the “real world” practical aspects of what needs to come or go to align to the soul right standards it’s gonna take to meet that vision and baller goal you’re bringing in here at the top of 2020.

I am honored to open up a very few select spots to work with me 1:1 to refine your soul standards, uplevel your business and life by integrating your highest level genius and creativity into your already boomin’ business. It’s time to GLOW up in the best way ever!!!!

Own your frequency supernova. There’s nobody like you.

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