It takes deep faith and trust to call in and support your best living and highest expression of self and life.


The greatest limitation I’ve experienced in my life I’ve allowed through myself. Perhaps I’d experienced the limits for real, previously, from others and the pain of rejection, failure, misalignment runs deep.


And last week at the beach, it was as if time had jumped from

2015 to right now. I wanted that so badly in 2015. I was in a world of hurt. I wished for the change to be instant. I was in chaos and stuck badly. I just had to believe and trust and so I did. I allowed myself the freedom to go deep into my own meditation and vision and allow the impossible to be. The truth of what that looked like for

me was detaching from everyone and everything for quiet walks, runs on the beach, hot baths, late nights drawing and creating art, journaling. There was also studying and learning about the mind, neural pathways, nutrition and the gut and much more. Business, online entrepreneurship, getting to know all these communities and adapting to new rules of engagement all the time. But it’s the moment of deep dives that I did allow myself and the deep trust that created my now.


And in my now I must believe more deeply and trust more readily. I balance between my shadow and witnessing her integration into my light and shine. There is a wonderful flood of inspiration

And then a flow to catch up my body and former self to this fresh dose of cosmic knowing.


These days I am feeling these moments of peace and personal bliss and ease and freedom like I’ve never known. And that flow between allowing more and more moments of deep resonance, presence and connecting within and without, and the still always balance of trying to find a comfort zone of understanding, or familiarity and the old patterns that can have a grip and hold back the magic.


I suppose that is what the grip is about.


Keeping a clamp on the valve of deep power we know exists within.


What if?




Fck the how and surrender to the all that is that is all in.


I know this bit has been holding you up, keeping you at a sort of plateau, stopping any sort of blow up. But you want to blow up! In the very best way.


I know it feels like these things can’t go, and some things don’t change. And if you’re saying yes in so many areas of yours life and feeling the power of your shift, it’s time to let go in this one too. This one area that means so much, and runs so deep that you won’t tell anyone, or even admit it to yourself. You just. Can’t.


You may have done the work. A million times. And have made great strides and you are here. Mostly.


That hard edge, that stiff protection, that subtle veneer masks the truth and keeps the power at bay and allows you to stave off responsibility, stave off facing your darkest moments of giving up and losing the reigns of control you think you’re supposed to have. You got it back with whatever you’ve hidden from yourself and it’s time to free the energy around that dark secret, that subconscious story, that silent sabotage.


Let us unlock together your shadow cage that ensconces your power heart center that connects to your safety zone in your chest and your truth voice in your throat. It is vital we unlock this passageway for you to sing and bring through the energy from earth through you to cosmos.


When I say sing, I mean in whatever way allows you to open up and feel all of you once again, and to trust and know your self, your awareness and allowing of what you need and to speak it to yourself and others all the way.


This is deep dark work that reveals an embodied, integrated more holistic energetic frequency of you. The you that is soul guided and living abundantly in the truth of your vision and being.


This is completely innovative and intuitively guided and is as ancient as time and so you remember who you already are.


It is time to believe again and more deeply than you ever have.



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