How many times have you opted for the quick fix over the long term reward?


Sure, there's sugar, alcohol or other quick fixes. We are more conscious of those to some level, though, and today I’ve been called to discuss something insidious that SEEMS like you’re JUST BEING HELPFUL, and you’re GIVING OF YOURSELF, and it sneaks up on you and you fool yourself by slipping into sweet escape from your own SHIT by jumping into OTHER people’s shit. :)


Yes, today we are talking about the quick fix of saving others instead of saving yourself.


This one is super tricky, especially for my client base of empaths, people pleasers, perfectionists, trauma survivors and generally SUPER giving, heart based, HEALERs, creatives and GIVERS that is the profile of the cosmic visionary in Valtopia. We have been so NICE, and good girls, and good dudes, and we have so much love in our heart and want the world to be a better place.

Our urge to SAVE is powerful, and what we forget, is that we must save OURSELF before we go about the process of saving others.


Here is what I’m talking about.


You KNOW deep inside your vision, your gift, you feel the call. You put yourself online and out there and you begin to share your gifts and healing, and you get caught up in the process of building your tribe, building your audience, building your client base.


But guess what?


YOU ARE RUNNING A BUSINESS, not a popularity contest.

YOU ARE HERE TO CHANGE LIVES, not win the most likes and fix eerbody.

YOU ARE HERE TO HEAL AND FIX YOURSELF FIRST - and from there, share your magic and RE$AP THE BENEFITS of managing yourself and your gifts and your offerings so that YOU benefit too - else how the heck are you supposed to be saving anybody??


So many of us come into this world seeking support and to be uplifted, only to wake up, find our magic, and then get lost in overwhelm and confusion as we attempt to incorporate and integrate into our visionary cosmic self.

And lemme tell you - you can get REAL sidetracked thinking you are coming into yourself, and truly you are just using up your own energy and keeping yourself stuck at a level that DOES NOT allow you to thrive.


I know you feel me on this.


When I first started my business in 2015, I spent the first year channeling and then publishing my coloring book and simply learning about being an online entrepreneur, learning about energy healing modalities, spirituality and connecting virtually with other cosmic visionaries around the world.

As I began to have more of an “audience” and slowly began to have clients as we rolled into 2016, I LOVED discovering my intuitive abilities, my ability to “see”, “know” and intuit others energy, their patterns of behavior and how I could support and inspire them. I realized my “perception” was truly keen, and that the more I tuned in, the more I was able to provide miraculous transformational energy and awakening to those who reached out to me.

I would do these power threads in facebook, reading cards and delivering messages for MANY at a time. I was bold, I was fearless, I offered my gift and explored to the max. At a certain point half way through 2016, after I now had had a big hit and my first true divine activation container where I followed soul, put out the message, called in my clients and alchemy and transformation exploded into MAGIC - truly.  I learned I needed to raise the prices for the experience, because it was not a fair energy exchange or smart for my health and growth. I was literally consuming my own life force. And though these people thoroughly enjoyed their experience, nobody was coming back to me, because I wasn’t offering anything beyond what had just come through me.  I was trying to make my marriage work, trying to get the business working and my kids were really young and REALLY challenging. I was so unsure of my next steps, so I backed myself and invested in support! Feeling like I was supported ALWAYS boosted me and then I made some money - but not as a direct effect of what I had invested in.

The money I DID make came from my own confidence and when I surrendered to divine guidance. I invested in a “funnel” experience which was a complete dead end, and I ended up booking all my clients WITHOUT the fucking fancy funnel. That was an AWESOME lesson, and you'd think I'd have learned. But then I invested in high end coaching where I was to make an automated webinar that would bring me dream clients in my sleep. SOUNDED GREAT!  I had to listen to hours of phone calls of other people talking about the color of their web page, and the language of their opt ins. Some of it was fascinating and some of it was a complete waste of my life force.


All this meant that I was SPENDING, not earning the same in return, and yet I NEEDED to get this biz working, I NEEDED to get my family working - you get the idea - I was in a bad place that was getting better every day, with power mindset, energy and healing, BUT I was exhausted, overwhelmed and confused as to what I really SHOULD be doing most of the time.


Join all the groups! Provide all the value! Show up every day!


So I often found myself offering readings as a way to connect into my gift, connect into my audience AND it was a quick fix. Suddenly I was answering questions, providing insight, HELPING! I felt BETTER, and amazing - I loved getting new likes, I loved being of service - THIS WAS AWESOME! Guess what? It was a wonderful training ground but it was an extension and continuation of my own weaknesses. I continued to give away pretty much everything. The coach I had at the time said everyone came to me to get their feel goods, and then actually went on to pay the people who were focused on and asking for the sale. OUCH.

I'd say out of all the lessons, this one has been the hardest for me. It is hard to let go of that connection and feeling attached to the tribe. But truth be told, wouldn't my tribe be more in line with me if they were investing their money and energy too? Wouldn't it make more sense for me to recognize ME in the equation and step up in true leadership and call my people IN and to MORE?

Trauma leaves a deep fear of abandonment that is embedded into our very DNA and it can take over when we shrink back from our higher calling that lifts us up, asks us to expand, and challenges us to TRUST in FAITH. 

The same kind of thing happens when we make our offers too low, don’t have the tenacity and vision to stay the course when we are raising our prices, restructuring our offerings, building the business. It can be tempting to get sales to appease family and friends. They’re so NICE and encouraging to us when we make the sales! But are those short term quick fixes really helping your business long term? Are you building a type of business that is aligned to YOU, your body, your soul, your vision and your creation?

I have a feeling many of you in the Valtopiasphere have been here, or remember being here and maybe you are STILL letting this creep up on you somehow …. In the way you settle for less than, maybe in how much fitness you allow yourself, or in the nourishment you REALLY need, or in the prices you WOULD be charging or even in the offers you’d truly LOVE and allow yourself to do.

It is so easy to just keep running to keep up, keep offering what you know has been working and that people “like” and “buy”. Maybe you’re so confused and overwhelmed by learning the business, getting used to social media, getting used to asking for and receiving what you need in your life and for YOU to shift into a place of worthiness, strength, courage and focused discipline that allows you to truly BE all of who you are. And it can feel so easy to just slip into old familiar and get some chat going on facebook, or do some readings or healings ot feel that HIT of connection, that affirmation of your gifts and that reconnection to the energy of the cosmos.

I’m telling you - do not shortchange yourself and INSIST that you begin to find that from YOURSELF more and more each day. Take a stance. Find the kind of support that doesn’t just give you a rush that then fades when you actually tune into the coach or mentor. Find support that asks MORE of ALL of you - that invites you to step up and into deeper levels of growth, expansion, and TRUE foundation for your BUSINESS AND your LIFE. It is all integrated when we are truly living in divine flow and the quick fix is just a hit of good feels that won’t last, and won’t be there for you when you’re STILL trying to find balance, make money and be the cosmic rockstar that you KNOW you are.


What are some activities you KNOW you do that make you feel “good” but can be a waste of your life force, time and don’t bring you into deeper levels of growth, success and actually allow you to thrive?


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