UP UNTIL NOW, when it comes to dreamy BLISS filled heart love, you’ve almost given up at times, though you’ve had your moments of dedication and hope, even connection.


Instead of a passionate love and deep, inspiring friendships,
you’ve often attracted controlling, self absorbed, selfish TEENAGE child people, incapable of intimacy or true love, time after time.


You have allowed yourself to believe again in the idea of a deep love and partnership, only to be heart broken and devastated again. 


You’re the BOSS when It comes to your MONEY mindset and heart! You have really mastered a level of this that is now being reflected in your body love too. You realize that as you open up to your mind, body AND spirit with self love and awareness, life is opening up so amazingly for you.




So now, you are feeling the pain of the past.




The frustration and sheer YUCK of the thought of dating, or even going through that process of getting to know someone new and hope that they will mesh into your magic, epic LIFE that you’ve begun to allow for yourself, you FREEZE at the thought of it.


You’ve given up in some parts of you and even question if you even really want the dream of having a one special partner.


But let's get to it.


You’d be happy sometimes just to feel the touch of a real love and just enjoy the conversation and have some fun moments to delight and to be cherished and adored, just as you are!


You’ve had some terrible experiences and you’re not attracting any body that truly feels aligned and lit up for you.  You start to feel the fear creeping in of being all alone, and never meeting anyone and you just







Fuck that! Not right now. Maybe later.





I get it. We all have so many things coming at us on where to choose our attention and focus. And you've learned that it's just easier to disconnect, and maybe you weren't even aware of when you do this.

It's almost a reflex, that you've developed to protect and keep you from having to choose what you DO really feel in your heart, or would like to, but you have a whole set of GAH NO NOT THAT's that pop up if you think about it.

If you don’t choose 


you will continue to bring in what you do NOT desire

and you'll allow yourself the comfort of the COZY zone

that isn't cozy any more

and is slowly squeezing the truth out of you in moments 


you've asked for better in your life and that includes your company and who loves you - the great news IS




YOU CAN shift the behaviors and perceptions that keep you from relaxing,

And allow the greatest devotion

That you’ve ever given yourself permission to give


to your own divine vessel


that  is




Divine Cosmic Visionary Leader

of even the simplest of moments


I call you to your own deepest inner revelations,

Your clearest cosmic connection,

Your most prosperous passion and fire journey into your own heart


To be present with your true energy and being and allow for anything and everything to happen in the quantumverse that is YOU and clear the old and call in the new NOW that is you.

The you MINUS all the energies and attachments you didn't even know still
layer over your still caged heart. Your throat is tight for good reason. 
There are powerful and deeply embedded codes of wisdom within you, your own greatest guide panel to your most connected life and being. You must declare and decide to get them functioning for and WITH you. 

YES it seems

like it's a commitment to awaken the deeper levels of awareness,

but how long will you leave your deep inner guidance that opens up so much for you

- let us get back to the root essence of your being in a

one of a kind




THIS state of being attracts what you know you desire
- so let us get clear on your own permission to resonate like the bombshell supernova frequency you've always known yourself to be and ARE.

The repercussions
for not allowing your greatest shine and brilliance
to guide your nourished body, mind and spirit

can and will be seen in health issues,
mental disruptions of anxiety, depression,
busy mind and inability to focus, 


not to mention all of those moments you COULD be shifting closer into your

own divine brilliance and self resonance

and speaking to those you are meant to

loving deeply and fully all the while

open to the rainbow of possibilities that lies within your most creative rock star love bomb self



This is a private, intimate, immersion and rebirth of your most divine, blisstastic, radiant and magnetic self.


Here is what I invite you to on the other side other side of your own blissmersion:

Give yourself permission to discover your own level of YASSSSZ.

You are hawt = grounded, irresistible and impenetrable to others when it comes to your vibration and presence.

You know who you are and so do we, honey, and we can NOT get enough.

You’re adorable, gorgeous, love-able, delicious AND the Boss, badass, cosmic mother fuckin’ leader, powerhouse, queen of the universe!


Don’t we all know and FEEL it as soon as you walk in the room?!!




Radiant. Irresistible. Magnetic.




Your blisstastic adventure and transformation to your most radiant and cherished self, honay


Didn't they deliver a BEAUTIFUL experience for us??

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 I am BLESSED each day to support my clients to rise up from within and remember what amazing rockstar badass creators they truly are.


I help you remember who you REALLY are and live, breath, become and BE all of you



You may have done a lot of therapy and spiritual work and you’re still find that parts of you aren’t integrating into all of you

And you feel like you’re blocked from certain aspects for your own inspiration and connection to self.


This work allows you to channel through all of your amazing energy in a way that is grounded, centered, and so resonantly powerful and creative, you can’t help but transform everything in your wake, just from your very presence of being.


You will learn not only to recognize your own patterns and ways of being that are NOT supporting your alignment and evolution, but you will feel more connected to your own most vibrant energy as you learn to tune into and bring it through.


This work allows you to regenerate your brain, activate and reconstruct your DNA, illuminate cellular regeneration that will allow you to shift your perspectives, beliefs and LIFE to a place that is aligned and magical for YOU, and these are skills you will take with you FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!



Not the version of you you’ve been settling for that isn’t truly fulfilling you.


You’re calling in:


Dynamic Flow



Zest for life



Impact and illumination

Confidence and certainty





RICH AF FOCUS and determination and results




Abundance in every area of your life 



And you’re ready to sing and dance and create to call in and EMBODY!



Take more inspired action than ever 

Learn to recognize the synergies and signs

No longer feel blocked to your own best inspiration

Unlock your sense of infinite creation


Find your own voice

Your own TRUSTED and connected wisdom

That will guide you for the rest of your life!!


This isn’t just a temporary clearing or “energy work”


This is about choosing to shift your very being 

every day a little bit or a lot

And then allowing that shift to stay and stay and become and become

And to have those tools of rebirth and reboot every moment and to share that with people around you

And to share an expansive wave of life where everyone knows they are super empowered and their sensitivities are their gift and blessing!


Shift tremendously in the next four months in an EPIC WAY! Let us begin today!


I’m hopping on a plane to Bali this week. You can come and join me in person or 


Surrender is about TRUST


These have been the hardest lessons for me to learn and have pushed away my receiving and embodying deeper levels of me and now this is what I want to share in an intimate container with only a select few of you, at a deep and expansive level.


My team is preparing the link and I will drop it in here TONIGHT - DM for first access or go ahead and book in for an energy/life/biz diagnostic session










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