Surrender to the knowing you already do know

I am so grateful for every day of giving I’ve allowed myself to over do and every lesson I’ve learned to come into center and balance about it all, in a way that has momentum, focus and magnitude babay. 

There are so many messages awaiting everyone in their crown and third eye I can feel it. It feels like a gentle buzz around your head. It might feel like a headache if you’re resisting it. 

Surrender to the knowing you already do know. 

And drink a lot of water and move your body. 

You’re going to find it in the discipline or habit of allowing yourself to focus inward and getting fit, nourished, clear and resilient and allowing your own inner rebel freak cosmic badass self to emerge and shine. 

Shine, baby, shine. 

You’re receiving all the blessings of everything you’ve been imploding inward. Let yourself resonate OUT along your own frequency and OWN IT. 


Yes you can PM me about my latest experience BBB (Boss bitch boundaries for sensitive empathic creative entrepreneurs and healers, messengers). 



For empathic, heart centered, high achieving creatives, messengers, healers and visionaries who are ready to own their frequency and fill out their edges with love, compassion and BOSS focus.

You 👇

Tight throat and chest, feeling trapped, limited, bound by others and unable to follow your intuition, passion or soul guided inspiration and wisdom. You’re always either distracting and sabotaging yourself with everyone and everything else, and you’re never feeling “able” to truly do the things you desire and know will take you deeper into your own focus, truth and LIVING FULLY as you, not the you that’s stuck waiting and wishing for what you truly desire.

What do you think is going on?

You think you need more money, or time or a magical healing to clear you of blocks - you feel helpless and think these solutions (money, magic) will FIX you and THEN you’ll take care of the situation. 

The problem is:

You are over giving, under valuing your time, worth and capability to guide your moments and time to honor who YOU are and what you need as a being to operate fully in THRIVE MODE.

This experience, when you participate fully, will support you to come into FOCUS and CLARITY on where in your life you are giving away your power, your energy, yourself, and where you can tighten up your edges and feel GREAT in your own body, being and presence.  

This program and support will provide you with real time energy shifting PLUS mindset shaping GUIDANCE - be ready to SHIFT into alignment as your energy centers mirror and reflect your highest resonance.  Get the support you need in the moments where either you genuinely don’t know or you are still learning to define your edges, what you will and won’t allow and stay the course in knowing, backing and believing in yourself.

You’ve worked so hard to shift your being into a space where you honor your highest choices and live in a way that you’re in your purpose and passion.

But your heart is big and you’ve been hurt for being so open and kind. You don’t let the pain stop your compassion and love, but the truth is you’re over giving, your line between where you begin and others end is not clear and you feel resentful, frustrated and overwhelmed. You feel like you “can’t help it”, you help when you’re  ”needed” and you submit and defer to others who are more bossy and controlling than you because it’s “easier” and you’re so compassionate. 

Each time you let this happen, you teach yourself again and again that you don’t have your own back!

No wonder you feel less than worthy of the amazing energy and insight that wants too come through you.

You’re not making space for it - for you.

And you’re robbing others of their own growth and stunting yours while you continue this cycle of self sabotage and codependence that is so very familiar to you.

It is ok! It is time to forgive the past up until now. It is all part of a very familiar story that most of us heart based, feely empathic genius creators go through as we learn the lesson of defining our own BOSS BITCH BOUNDARIES!!

Ten days

2 twenty minute virtual reading/energy attunements (value $400)

1 45 minute one on one session (bonus?) (value $333)

DAILY GROUP CHAT FOR TEN DAYS - this is hour by hour, day to day shifting and guidance. Frequencies come in to support your energy shift, and then we tackle the real world situations that need to be addressed, as well as how you’re thinking, what you’re feeling, and guiding you to your highest choices that honor YOU.



Losing personas and becoming yourself.

Are you holding onto fear?

PM for access to the five day messenger experience!


You are a leader, messenger, creator, healer, artist, guide, mentor who is big hearted, highly sensitive and too much in your head and not enough grounded into your body supporting your cosmic being in your passion and purpose of life.

You may have learned ineffective ways of honoring your own time, space and money because you are highly empathic and your gifts allow you to feel others more than you’ve fully learned to master and manage yet. So you are calling in

  • Alignment
  • Awakening
  • Energy mastery
  • Life changing mind blowing energy shifts and activations
  • Rapid results
  • Tools to keep evolving

DM for access and own your frequency Supernova. There’s nobody like you!

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