HOW my client created $35K from feeling BLISS, joy, relaxed and GROUNDED.

I'm going to tell you how my client created $35K from feeling BLISS, joy, relaxed and GROUNDED.


🌝Let us look at what gets created from BLISS, joy, peace, feeling grounded?


😨The FOG (fear, obligation and guilt)that causes indecision, delays and failed connections


is RELEASED, and in its place is




👉From the focus, clarity of inspiration and decision making come in.

👣What usually feels like delays, stalls and incomplete transactions


⚡️becomes lightning bolt magnetic CONNECTIONS and

💰transactions completed.



🤯When my client experiences the surge of her own highest energy and focus, and the high of finally receiving the new clients and the shift into the new paradigm?


Like everybody, she might FREAK OUT in her body - not her mind, though she may recognize feelings of transition, her body will have a response that



👉👉formerly would SLOW EVERYTHING DOWN.



😨Up until now, she might’ve experienced a sinus response, or tummy reaction, or stiff neck, or back pain or even mind trips that delay new decision making and focus, as she celebrated her new big win.



🕺Now, she is able to recognize the BODY response and witness herself releasing, regenerating and activating herself, without my assistance now, only two weeks in.



👑 Her primary feeling is SOVEREIGNTY - a certainty and confidence that inspires DECISIVE ACTION and INSPIRED IDEAS and MAGNETIC ENERGY.



There is an authority of presence that comes with feeling sovereign that leads to

efficiency and completion of intentions!


Before, you were allowing others so much flexibility.


🤦🏽‍♀️ You were flexible about how and when they contacted you, whether they could or couldn’t pay you and how much they could pay you. You were considering everyone’s LIMITATIONS as valid, and making space for your own stories that were keeping YOU in the loop of INCOME PLATEAU.


🙌When you do this work with me - you are not available for the limitations, and you only see their full capacity and determination to embody SUCCESS and fulfill their intentions.

And those intentions are aligned to

your standards and fresh set of boundaries you have set now that you feel






And your intentions are clear and your decisive action is yielding results after results!


🤦🏽‍♀️ On previous sales calls, if the prospect wasn’t ready, you let them go away, to sit in their confusion and decision to choose stagnation.


💰⚡️In your energy now, you are calling in decision makers, ready to book with you, saving you HOURS of lost calls where both left feeling defeated and weren’t fulfilling your purposes.


Now you are DECIDED and focused and it STREAMS through everything you do and be and as a result you GLOW for your prospects, and your prospects GLOW for you.


THIS is how we collapse time and this is what I’m talking about today on my livestream. Turn on notifications and if you know you’re ready for this level of shift and alchemy in your life and business apply on

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