Break free from the WASTE YOUR LIFE doing shit that isn’t aligned to your joy and get all up in the HOT TUB of living FULLY

👊When your perception of something keeps you stuck in a paradigm you no longer desire, do anything you can to shift your perceptions, beliefs and attachments to those old ways of being you are no longer able to live.

Your body knows.
You know.

👉You’ll find yourself cringing, avoiding, binging and destroying - doing anything other than addressing “those” things.

For you, those perceptions tell you to feel:

- Fear
- Guilt
- Shame

‼️Yet “those” things are things you “have” to do.

⁉️What’re you supposed to do??

How do you overcome growing up and being the whole person you intend to be when you can’t move beyond certain identities, perceptions and beliefs and paradigms of being that leave you anxious, unfulfilled and feeling trapped.

🔆Break free from the WASTE YOUR LIFE doing shit that isn’t aligned to your joy and get all up in the HOT TUB of living FULLY.

🛑No toe dippers and wall flowers, we are having a BATH and going for it here in Valtopia.

🎉Because when you do lean fully IN, you clear the fear, the guilt and the shame and you allow the COSMOS, your GENIUS, to stream through you and everything moves forward and evolves into connection, brilliance and 💥BOOM!


💰I have heard this message so many times before I fully absorb it more and more and have reached new levels of immersion.

🥰It is blissful to be of service and open up to brilliance for others doing the same. We connect in the quantum in a way that is so resilient and EASY!!!

⚡️DIVINE flow is no joke and your GENIUS deserves to be STREAMED.

Get full access and quit fucking around with half assed versions of yourself, your quality of life and the way you run your business and being. You are such a supernova rockstar, you deserve every last bit of ease, focus, clarity, connection, bliss and FUCK YEAHS.

For high impact empowered entrepreneurs, I have a beautiful offer that has streamed through for you TODAY!!!


EASY - 6 weeks of SHIFT into ease.

You *think* it has to be hard, take so much time, be a chore, because

- You learned that way and are scared to see beyond what you’ve experienced

- You are trying to do too many things and not the aligned things

- Your inner dialogue is vicious and creating bunk energy and timelines that looks like stagnation or even monthly income drops or upper limits

- You focusing on what isn’t working in your zones of NO GENIUS are that is defining and sabotaging your GENIUS.

- Your programming and conditioning hit you with guilt and shame and anxiety when you attempt to slow down, focus and tune into the GENIUS through pleasure, peace and potent power.

There is so much more of YOU available to you and we can get into it RAPIDLY.

Activations immediately take effect and then daily shifts in habits, thought processes, choices and DECISIONS become clear, fluid, expansive and EFFECTIVE.

Attract high level soul family clients that align to your vision and joyful purpose.

- Aligned income
- Aligned co-creation with your clients
- More ease, flow, rest and regeneration
- Exponential results
- Sustainable
- Expansive

Energetically and with mindset and daily rehab and regeneration, we will come into higher levels of frequency.

Continue to open the throat, chest, heart and ground into the lower chakras with shamanic clearing, cosmic connection and finding your own method of DAILY reboot that aligns you each day to your highest connection.

Get CLARITY that leads to GENIUS connection, making the inspiration for your containers, the copy for your marketing and your energetic presence for your BEING magnetic, irresistible and fully embodied to call in exactly what you desire.

Finally feel perfectly clear on WHAT and WHY you’re sharing what you’re offering so that defining HOW you want to share your content is EASY.

Feel brave and certain and PLAYFUL around your business so you can design high level packages that honor your medicine, healing, time, body and being.

Ask for and RECEIVE the level of investment you truly DESIRE - no more settling.

Connect in with magnetic attraction and aligned focus your soul constellation of clients, lover, friends and LIFE.

Feel SOLID in your choices, resulting in less anxiety, confusion, doubt, worry, guilt releasing inflammation, exhaustion, overwhelm and instead claiming ENERGY, vitality, luminosity, delight, exuberance and abundance of every kind.

Feel the freedom and fulfillment of your long held vision coming into your entire body and being and throughout your cels and experience the full embodiment of Your vision.

You will be able to tap into my resource, reflection and guidance to steer yourself out of those moments you usually spin and sabotage or tap out. As long as YOU show up in my container consistently you are fully supported by me, the Valtopia team, the Valtopiasphere, your cosmic guidance renewed, and we are all about you finding the path of least resistance and the deepest route to your GOLD, what truly is aligned to your highest expansion and most desired paradigm.

You are a powerful creator and together we ignite inspiration from within and delight in our creation together! We exponentially rise when we go all in and choose to let go of those ways of being that no longer allow us to grow and we do indeed LEAP forward into our focus, clarity, intention, desire and JOYFUL DECISION of BEING.

When you are in the glow up of your desires and feeling the full immersion of yourself shining out of you, you can’t help but speak and channel clearly your soul aligned message, content and service. And in that service, you delight in sharing and being your true self and connecting with your soul constellation clients. And when they feel and see you, the connection is magnetic and instant and IS EASY!!!!!


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