I remember how I used to feel.

It all felt impossible like I could never get past or out of it.

You’re caught in this crazy loop of overwhelm and misery.
You’re so busy worrying about what other people think and wondering if you’re doing the right thing or making the right choices and you just sooooo want someone to reach their hand down into your dark hole of isolation and pull you up out of the hole.

Guess what?

That someone is YOU.

And I know right now it doesn’t feel like it. But that’s the thing!!

That’s why you feel so broken and hopeless.

You’ve stuffed down and stifled your emotions, which feels like you cut yourself off.


And ultimately THAT is why you’re pissed off and upset.

Where are you?


The truth is that you can’t even being to feel and support yourself the way you need and CAN until you begin to face and FEEL these emotions, notions and awareness about yourself.

And for those of us who are in this loop - WE DO NEED A HAND - we do need energetic support to FEEL again.


I couldn’t even hear or do “the work” of shifting myself until I first had support to clear the old energy and mindset. I was LOCKED in!!

You’ve been taught you’re too much, or too sensitive or too whatever and YOU BELIEVED IT.

Your very survival has depended on you being very good at tuning into and adjusting yourself to others. It is time to stop that.

You’re hurting the people you love most especially YOURSELF.

Your lack of faith in yourself and others is being reflected back to you daily in your life experience.

You need to stop.

Do the work to release the pain, trauma, anger, frustration and face the truth that you don’t believe in yourself right now, you think everyone else has better answers than you and you feel like shit about it!!

Get straight with the negative and fearful feeling you’re having about yourself right now and let us SHIFT you into feeling:

  • LIMITLESS Possibilities

  • Strength

  • Confidence




  • Abundance 

  • Flow

It’s ok what has happened. It is all part of shaping you and the gift of your very being.



You just need some support to let go of the past, take stock of what is now, and shift into gear of what you truly DO desire and feel in life.

You won’t believe how much shifts when you shift your energy, and that’s only PART of the work we do in the reboot.

Not only do we let go of the past, but we integrate and ACTIVATE into NOW that leads to a totally different outcome than the scary loop you’re in right now.

Take charge of your experience by getting support to get OUT OF THE LOOP.

Sign up for the reboot right now and join the others who have DECIDED to help themselves by BACKING themselves to move beyond where you feel stuck right now.


THREE days LIVE with me and right now the group is intimate, safe and small and we have similar stories we are releasing. If you identify with trauma, and being an empath recovering from narcissistic dynamics in your close relationships, this would be for you!


If you feel like you'd like to tune in deeper to your gifts and clear fear of being visible or showing up in your life powerfully, this would be for you!


If you struggle with meditation, being still and grounded, and journaling to reach your highest guidance, this would be for you!


I AM A MAGIC ELIXIR for the super mega empaths who haven't embodied yet their supernova - we can burn away the BS so you can get to your own magic in life.



See you in there!!





You CAN work one on one with me I currently have a space!
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