Can you let it go? Really, really let go?

I know. It is scary as fu@& to let go.

To take your guard down, drop the protective fears that keep you safe, loosen up your grip of control and allow. The last thing you want to create in your life is any sort of ripple that disrupts what flow you DO have going in your life. But you know it's time. You know that the only way things will change from the ground hog day experience you're having again and again, is to try something new, but you don't know WHAT! This control, or limitation, or resistance, secretly bothers the shit out of you, but you keep up a good front. After all, you made it through so much, and you don't break, you bend. And you've bent yourself over backwards because you are strong. You are limitless, and yet you are so vulnerable, sensitive and aware. And in denying your deep awareness and all that really IS able to happen in, of and through you?

You end up in this place of control, of stasis, of something's gotta give.

You've done the work! You've shifted perspectives, done meditations and mantras, learned pilates and yoga and begun to open up to your own sacred ritual and presence. But it's not necessarily cool with your family or friends. It's not something you talk about, especially if you live in certain places. But you can't deny the truth of your experience, your heart, and your body, which is breaking down on you, because it won't tolerate any more suppression, depression or repression.

Let go, boo. Let go. And when I say boo, I intend all the love of the cosmos to you.

Watch current Valtopia Love Drop, Melissa Rodriguez, share her inspired shift into finally receiving all the goodness she's been envisioning and dreaming up, only to watch others reap rewards and claim successes, while she didn't receive dreamy visionary unexpected lumps of money, dreamy dates, new clients, etc. In listening to the Valtopia Love Drop meditation, and relaxing and opening up her chakras, her mind and in letting go, she was able to INSTANTLY manifest something she thought she'd only ever dream about!

Join us in the Valtopia Love Drop, our monthly subscription to support you in letting go, strengthening yourself and truly becoming who you KNOW yourself to be in your heart. 

Hit the delete button like Melissa did and get started on YOUR dreams becoming a reality!!

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