Can you stay the course?

Here is this week's Valtopia Cosmic READ! OOOOOh the cosmic vibrations have been INTENSE and as a collective we've been feeling FUNKY! Nauseous, tummy drama, we are feeling the cosmic shift BIG TIME. Anything that is NOT aligned will show up for you as a RELEASE in your physical body. Go easy, allow yourself to adjust, release and regenerate and don't hesitate to reach out and invest in support to guide you to your STRENGTH and growth. 

OK take a deep breath, ground and center, tune in and ask yourself 1, 2 or 3?

HERE is your reveal including a bit of information about GROUNDING!




If you picked number 1:

You are a SUPERNOVA!! 
As you know from the blog I am guiding supernovas - those of you who feel your HUGE creation and passion and life force energy within you since the day you were born, and knowing the energy of you goes far beyond you. You are meant to have an impact of positive change that honors your heart, your soul and your mission.

All of us have some level of supernova drive within us, but do we follow it? Do we honor it? Read the blog below for more.  If you're committed ... there is no giving up.

Knowing that releasing shame and tuning into elemental and root power IS the key to you overcoming your last percentage you may NOT be going all in. If you find yourself unable to sit with yourself, and you're distracting yourself, if you're unable to meditate or you think you're doing it wrong, if you find yourself bursting with cosmic energies and then you're not able to tap into it, there's a good chance there is some shame to release for you. There is a good chance there are some past life or inner child energies that you could love, attend to and integrate and remember "OH - THIS is how I feel when I'm fully integrated and when I'm not tricked by my old stories of shame." These keep you from going all in or staying stuck in sabotage. Tune into that earthly energy.

The final card pull is on the video - have a look it TIES in powerfully.


If you picked number 2, then

SING!!!! So many of you my new followers ARE singers and this is my soul guided intention and magnetizing call!! I LOVE to sing and it is a deep part of my healing process for myself AND you, my community. Watch the video for a miraculous card pull that CONFIRMS this is for YOU, choice number 2 - your VOICE!!!

DRAMA - many of us remember drama not only from this life, but past lives too and it pulls us in without us even knowing. It can keep us avoiding things we need to do, or even avoiding ourself.

Own your frequency, there is nobody like you - release the drama of the past and allow yourself to be present to who you are now and OWN IT!


And if you chose number 3, then

Simple pleasures, honey. The simple things allow you to relax, and you may be creating a bazillion dollar life, but you are being called to enjoy the simple things that will allow you to relax enough to take action and get you back into FLOW. Perhaps some inner child drama has been triggered for you, watch the video for more. Something from the past triggered you and you got constricted in response. Time to find the simple pleasures that lift your vibe and brings you back into a state of being where you feel good in your own skin, so you can take action and get back into your FLOW.

Letting go of shame is also present in this reading, which is probably tied to this constriction you experience. More on the video.

There it is - if you love this feel free to contribute to the Valtopia fund, or book in to hang with me and totally shift your life into mega watt F*CK YEAH. :) 

I will be showing up live on facebook streaming from the ValtopiaStudios page, be sure to sign up, like the page and turn on notifications so you can join in LIVE readings with the F*CK Yeah deck. I get spirit messages coming through, patterns are revealed, whatever you need in the moment occurs.

Can you stay the course? Can you?

Do you have what it takes? Do you think it is something some people have and others don't?

Are you one of the ones that WILL stand up, time and again, despite falling down, bloody, bruised, ashamed, afraid, alone, foolish and lost?

Will you remember who you really are even though you forget time and again?

Are you of the small percentage of supernova lights destined for mega watt shine and impact - global and cosmic impact - dream time creation and expression, where your soul purpose guides you always in all ways. There is no excuse or experience to derail you from the course. The path is clear because you know and embody so deeply within you your dream, your passion, your purpose, your calling, your vision.

It doesn't matter who beats it out of you, beats you down about it, beats you to it, beats you closed to where you feel like you may never open back up. Ever again. But YOU do. You may writhe around in your own self sabotaging choices, time and again, and you may have those moments where you feel so unworthy you just want to die. You feel so empty, void, and hollow and disconnected from that gorgeous source of light that is YOU AND the universe. 

You see, you've been beating yourself up for all kinds of things. You've been thinking you had to get it straight, perfect, right, on target, BEFORE you ever did anything. You've been telling yourself so many stories about how everything SHOULD be. Without even knowing it. Still. Even if you've done all the advanced spiritual work in the world, you're still choosing to keep a film of protection and distraction from you and YOUR all in. YOUR deepest embodiment. YOUR greatest memory and expression of who you truly are, that you have time and again KNOWN, FELT AND FOLLOWED.

Are you standing back up? Are you dusting your hands off, stretching your arms and rolling your hips in preparation? 

Or will you keep telling yourself that you DID the work and you DID go all in and you DID lose that weight and you DID quit that thang and you DID DID DID.


I have kept doing it by BEING it, and part of being it involves me recognizing when I'm swimming in my own BS stories, triggers, holding patterns. I can't see all of my own, though I'm getting more and more in tune and astute. I enlist and invest in high level support on different aspects of my beingness where I KNOW I can strengthen and adjust my life to suit my SOUL. 

Is it scary as fuck? YES AT TIMES 

Is it amazing and incredible on the other side of rearranging things to be aligned and flowy? F*CK YEAH!!! Because I allow the magic, even when I forget, I remember to again. And again, and more and more.

Will you stay the course? Will you fill out to ALL THE MEGA WATT WAY? Remember honay, own your frequency, there's nobody like you.




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