Check yo vibe to create transformation

Over the last few weeks I’ve been telling you about all the magic and expansion that’s been going on in my life.The transformation from the “nice girl” into all of my bold, cosmic self has been both crippling and stimulating.

The change is in the roller coaster

I have had to overcome huge obstacles, tremendous self doubt and great fears to be exactly where I am in this moment.

To help you have the same experience, over the next few weeks, I’m going to be sharing with you some quick and dirty techniques I use to stay centered and present. Doing these thing have helped me to not go back to my old patterns when I get triggered.

I have had to find some fast ways to "get it together" and stay priestess Valtopia, not only for myself, my family, but my clients and tribe. Sometimes I lose my shit, like anybody.

But I have begun to really stay in a beautiful flow.  

Before, I used to expand to my edges and then revert back to an anxious and shrinking place. Without the vision and experiences I have now evolved through, I would still be locked in those old programs of fear, guilt, shame, and constriction.

It is vital that we get over ourselves.



We are HUGE spirits with vast capabilities of transforming EVERYTHING. We are all connecting and confirming these experiences, these shifts.

So do whatever it takes throughout your day to return to your center, to be aware of your own energy fields and presence, to learn more about yourself and the frequency you are being.


It's everything.

And now is most definitely the time --  incredibly rapidly powerful!!!

Check out this video from Dr. Bruce Lipton. I love this video and the simplicity of the information, but the deep power within.

I will soon be sharing my own simple routine I do daily to get into what he calls "hemisync", or to connect and light up into 100% of my brain function. I use these techniques to feel vibrant and connected, and combine them with other magical ways to stay vibealicious so I can allow divine creation, inspiration and love to flow through and guide me with integration into all of me.

I keep it together at a KICKASS level more and more daily, and I'm gonna share with you and what I share with my clients in a new, easy to enjoy and grow way. Cuz we gots to.

Stay in on the action

Post a comment below to show your support of this moment where you are taking complete ownership of your presence and power and allowing yourself to grow into your edges with strength, courage and flow.


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Remember, only as guided by your higher self will you receive the sparkle and shine as you feel yourself returning to your cosmic being and home, and draw that power down into you, grounding it deep into mother earth with so much love and gratitude it blossoms and ignites dat Kali fire in your kundalini, boo. 🤣Let 'er rip.

In the know

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