CLEAN up them financials - it is SUPER liberating honay

To my SHAMAMAs building your spiritual creative BIZ!!!


I just canceled about TEN subscriptions amounting to HUNDREDS of dollars a year, if I hadn't have gone in and done it. Just go to subscriptions on the apple site and edit each one.

If you have a credit nightmare, get FREE credit counseling to find out what the best option is for you. Do not let interest eat you alive.

If you can't bring yourself to look at it cuz you runnin' around crazy with PTSD like a chicken with ya head cut off, slow down, plant your feet on the ground and DEAL. I promise it's worth it.

All the people you THINK need you today need you more relaxed, savvy and on your biz. FOR REAL.

I can't wait to share the MAAAAAGIC I'm preparing for y'all but I am wrapping all this up and my kids had their first days of school. Everything is off to a fantastic start.

I've had my Healy pumping this whole time, and kept saying "this is great. I'm doing this. This is easy. We are getting through this so well." (Not at the beginning lol )

And two weeks plus into this clean up I am finally on the other side. You can do this!

(By the way, some of my former biz mentors are in my head, saying, "don't appeal to the VICTIMs mindset". FUCK THAT crazy town BYPASS bullshit.  We all have to evolve through what we do, and I KNOW you're a leader, shining in your cosmic medicine, and the things you don't know how to do yet, YOU ARE LEARNING AND EVOLVING.)

No shame in our game, nobody to blame, only solid RISING UP INTO LIBERTY AND SOVEREIGNTY WITHIN.

GIt. It. 🙂

Own your frequency, you are the miracle!!!

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