There is a time when I would’ve lost my shnizzle over the expenses that have hit me this week. There’s a time the adrenaline would be coursing through my body, my tail bone clenched, my guts a mess, my skin then reacting, I wouldn’t be able to eat anything, I’d puff out everywhere in an inflammatory response.

Then I’d see my response and be so shocked and awed by it all.

Omg! Look at my skin! Look how I’m freaking out! Shit.

Then the guilt would kick in. I really didn’t mean for it to happen and I really didn’t feel like I could control it. I was so unhappy and out of alignment that I had no sense of my own feelings, emotions or what to do with them and how to support and back myself on my true desires.

After my freak out, I’d be exhausted as my body tried to reharmonize and get back to some sort of neutral position.

I learned to stop doing that, and do you know HOW MUCH MORE ENERGY and creativity and clarity I am able to harness now?

Because I quit wasting time on what ifs, and OMG I'M FREAKING OUT LEMME GO DOWN THAT SPIRAL …

I have shifted into a space of creation for EVERYTHING and faith based thinking and guidance which has eliminated more and more of the mind fuckery that was sucking up my LIFE FORCE literally.

Now I tune into what I feel, become aware of what the feedback is guiding me to notice, I allow myself to hone in on my DAILY intentions, coming from a reprogrammed mindset. Now, the old me would be totally freaked out by the new expansive me talking about ‘reprogramming’ and ‘surrender’.

I remember thinking that surrendering meant I would LOSE myself and be taken over by alien forces.

Let me get this straight.

That caged life, that felt so wrong seemed more real than my own worthiness?

My own worthiness to ask for help when I really needed it, or to invest in life changing experiences that were totally guided by my intuition, which each one, wild road less travelled, brought me HERE, more in tune with myself than ever. More confident, connected, and clear.


And I know you feel me, because you all come to me, just like I was, sort of dazed, confused, waking up to your truth, but so, so afraid,.

Afraid to unplug from everyone around you, because right now you think they matter way more than you, and have power over you.

Afraid to take WHATEVER means necessary, to get clear, focused, and connected into your ultimate devotion, because you can’t NOT.

Afraid of your own, wild and magical POWER within, far beyond what you’ve ever allowed yourself to admit.

Afraid of the vast luminance and impact you are designed to generate and/or manifest.

That old me was living a false life, hiding from speaking up, walking around on eggshells and even the old me in the last two years, after I broke free, was living like a caged animal still. Parts of me on the inside. The old fears, anxieties, woes, sadness, pain …. All lingering under the surface for review, as I slowly cleared the ties, attachments, connections, obligations that were shrouding my PERMISSION to think for myself, feel confident about the thoughts and feelings coming through, and knowing exactly how to address and not only succeed but THRIVE with epic results beyond anyone’s wildest expectations, but totally within MINE, as I felt and was called.


I am simply unavailable now for anxiety ridden hours and numbing out from said anxiety any more.

My expectations of each experience is one of presence. I am here. I got this. I knows what to do, no matter what. Because when I don’t, instead of panicking I can prepare my mindset to shift what I don’t like into a space of what I DO.

So I got hit with some bills AND I made some good money at the same time.

What’s way more prominent in my mind is that thank goodness we can get our teeth fixed and trusting that everything is always getting better and better. It really is.  I even had the thought that the cost of resting in the dentist chair actually allowed my sore hip to mend and was quite timely. (I had to lie for almost two hours in the middle of a time I’d be standing or sitting in my studio).

I’m focused in on the flow of creation happening in my business, and the transformation I lived through, that I now facilitate for my baller clients.

I went from victim mode, anxious, lost, confused and overwhelmed (even though you’d have NEVER described me as that from my outer appearance and life)  to a truly bold, vivacious, alive, powerful, impactful LEADER of positive change and community.

I help people every day to come back into their senses, literally.

There are deep and beautiful parts within each of us just waiting to be rediscovered and realigned to fresh ways of living in JOY and LOVE and CONNECTION which allows us to overcome the fear, obligation guilt mind.

And choosing to clear out what isn’t true, useful and is in fact HARMFUL to you is priceless to you manifesting the clarity you need to hear yourself and allow your highest vision in your life.

For those of you like me, who are EXTRA energized for life, and implode if we don’t express our brilliance and align to our highest resonance, this clarity and release is VITAL to our aligment.

When we don’t align, we learn lessons that keep pointing us back to our highest alignment.

When we follow the signs and optimize ourselves for the ultimate most miraculous desires we LIVE the miracle and it lives within and of us.

And this is where most people give up, roll their eyes, find other excuses, or admire from a distant, talking about somedays, and I wish.

There’s no wishing, or trying. There is only BEING and allowing yourself to immerse more deeply in your being because you ARE worthy of what is coming through and of you, and if you stop the flow, you feel blocked and backed up.

I have news for you. YOU ARE.

Time to get CLEAR and  own your frequency, Supernova! There’s nobody like you!




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Letting go of these in your energy field and MINDSET are vital so you can SEE and FEEL your ultimate vision AND learn techniques to stay in both your clarity and vision.

As soon as you join you will receive a bonus abundance awakening audio and begin the process of transformation.

With humor, power and compassion I will guide you through powerful mind blowing, energy rebooting audios and videos that will change your life. They’re amazing and begin to work instantly -  at least 3 powerful clearing and activating audios and 2 weeks and I am available for all questions in the group so you can implement these techniques forever! Go VIP and get the deeper work with me one on one.

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With this clearing work, we go deep and especially through your subconscious awareness. You can listen to these recordings again and again until the clearing is done. My nickname is the “excavator” because deep shit comes up and then you finally see through the fear, obligation and guilt that’s been clouding your vision!

I am able to get right to the original source of what's been happening  and tune into it with you so you can clear it out and begin shifting. You will be able to do this work on your own and use what you learn going forward.

Clean the slate! Clear your vision!


⚡️Two week’s in a private FB group support with Val

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⚡️Mind-blowing, energy shifting sound, light and experiential frequencies to SHIFT your VIBES

⚡️COSMIC COMMUNITY where you can express your newly awakened extra sensory awareness

Week 1 - GET CLEAR, releasing stuck and tangled energy, thought patterns and beliefs

Release painful and tight trapped emotions and physical pain

Begin to shift your awareness into a space of lightness and guiding your own thoughts beliefs and behavioral patterns

Week 2 - As you clear and move through any resistance coming up for review, you are supported in community and with Val in the group, reminding you when your BS, ego mind, FEAR mind is running the show and will teach you how to get back to your FAITH mind. 

Own your power as a powerful creator as you BRING into focus your deepest SOUL energy, vision and purpose.


Clean Slate Clear Vision

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