"I spent most of the day on the lake yesterday, kayaking quietly around with my husband. At one point, a small butterfly landed on my hand and stayed there for several moments. After fluttering over to my head, hanging out on my left temple for a few, the butterfly came and settled on me a few more times and really circled around with me. I felt a love connection with this little butterfly and opened myself up to receive any signs or knowing to come from this charming visit. 

As I sit here, practically stunned in a sleepy stupor, enjoying a rare moment to myself to think and reflect, I see the symbolism of the cocoon. When the caterpillar is ensconced in the dark safety layers of the cocoon, it doesn't see beyond that comfort, and the dark allows development in relative safety until it is time to emerge and fly away. This last moon and energetic shifts came at the perfect time. Everything I could possibly feel and experience to remind me of how much I HAVE shifted energetically over the last year has occurred right before this moon. And tonight, in the full moon light over the lake, I'll release all the old patterns and energy of mistrust, fear and the restrictions of the cocoon and I'll open up to my wings spreading so I can fly."

I wrote this while on Holiday, and now, in the new moon, I am still releasing old stuff. And I am seeing and hearing about how many are releasing old feelings, old stories, old patterns, and though the end goal is bright, the passage can be dark, and trigger all the old wounds. While painful, scary and alarming, if we can resist the urge to give into our OLD patterns of dealing with the OLD story, and SIT with the feelings, allow them, and then allow in the NEW story that we are creating and deciding based on who we are NOW, and who we desire to be, we can grow, in our cocoon of dark contemplation and vulnerability. As we grow and form into whoever and whatever it is we envision and BE, we will burst out of our cocoon and spread our wings and fly. Until the next cocoon, where maybe this time, we will journey into the passage with wisdom and patience, love and yes, light. 

I would love to be of service to YOU releasing your old stories, patterns and wounds energetically. I am particularly powerful with you right now if you are moving through a transitional period and are READY to let yourself grow into spreading your wings and flying, as I have transitioned and shifted SO MUCH in my life, I'm all too familiar with the cycle and patterns. With the proper guide, we can reach new levels of self awareness, self love and thus leadership and love in our own lives and to all those we meet. Here's to that gorgeous ripple wave.

 If you'd like to know more, please DO contact me. I'm available for sessions, and am still activating priestesses for my small and FABULOUS community of priestess queens #ValtopiaQueens, and I'm in the process of developing many more resources and offerings.

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So much love and YASSSS to you. <3

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