Conditioning, people pleasing and your voice

This is for you if you are just beginning to open your mind, heart and being to speaking the depth of your truth and you've been pleasing others to the detriment of your own flow and choices.
FOR WHATEVER REASON - you were trained and conditioned not to be yourself, nor speak your natural truth.
Extra sensory and highly aware, you most likely came in as a very bright light and experienced a containment of your being that fragmented your reality. This fragmentation or separation about you has kept you from speaking up and defining your boundaries. It is part of your shaping. Once you get past the pain of letting yourself down, you can now lift yourself up by counting on your self and your wisdom.
You become leader, first of yourself, and then others, in allowing support to work through the fears you have to speaking up and asking for what you need.
Sharing your truth and being your true selves goes beyond any of the confines of cultural conditioning and limitations. You feel the calling, you desire to be of support in shifting to peace, loving earth and changing things to be inclusive and not so fucked up! But you see the rage and railing going on and you're triggered to shrinktastic and feel like crawling back to your safe space.
The safe space is an illusion, and we must learn to get centered, clear and calm and stay present with our truth no matter where we are and what the circumstances. No matter the history, or what is coming, in each moment
learn what we don't know as best as we can, and reclaim our space and direction with divine guidance and for the greater good, more each day.
And  we must learn to pause and LISTEN.
Keep sharing, keep caring, keep daring to take the space you need to think, get quiet, and feel your own truth and connect in deeply, so that you can speak up and rise up #together.
I know the feeling of submission to the point you don't even know what you want, or how you feel about it. You're so conditioned to please and follow, you're essentially a shut down compliant follower, and you just do anything to keep the peace and hunker down. So many I speak to have a huge bubble in their throats. Their thoughts and feelings are trapped somewhere between their hearts and out into the world. This bubble relates to submission and compliance due to fear, obligation and/or guilt, from this lifetime or past.
And if you're anything like me, that fear runs so deep but your spirit is huge, and you feel the squash like a death. And the truth is, it is a death. Many of us get sick and shut down because we don't feel worthy of our own breath, nourishment and divine presence. And in squashing our own voice and breath, we squash others around us who may need us, and allow those who holler more loudly the space of our beingness and freedom.
You are allowed to take time to breathe.
You are allowed to take time to sit and rest and reflect.
You are allowed to be yourself and ask for your needs.
Many of us feel no permission to live truthfully, and we are dying a slow death of fear, obligation and guilt, and in that gilded "prison" of a mind fuck, we are trapped in an alternate reality of experience and stuck in our own illusory traps of "reality".
The truth is that in many homes still there is a suppression of voice that runs deep and ancient, is insidious and is stubborn to release all around. Nobody in that space can stand up to speak for justice for others when they can't even speak for themselves in their own homes. There is a need for compassion all around, and for all who have been fearful to speak up, we must get past the triggers to sovereign, loving, whole beings who can step up and assist others with intention and focus.
Will we speak up about our health, the food we want to feed our kids, to educate ourselves and march in the streets for our brothers and sisters? There are a bunch of us who don't until we get past our fear, our obligation and our guilt, and that is FUCKED UP but true - so get compassionate and creative so we can get over ourselves and get along in love.
My passion is for those of us who really desire to come through for humanity, for these great moments in time where we can come together as living beings and allow integrity, envision our dreams and live the bliss and peace we know deep in our hearts. You feel this deep in your bones and yet you are caught in a tangle that keeps you from stretching beyond the confines of the conditioning you've lived and experienced. The fear and trauma triggers remain, but with love, focus and compassion and great support, you can gain awareness of your own ability to achieve clarity, assess your own emotions and intuition, choose your intentions with guidance, to deliver your own empowered stance and set new boundaries.
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