Doing this has RADICALLY changed my life...

I have been in a process of radical change since I began Valtopia two years ago. Each step of the way has been about digging deeper within, removing unwanted layers of other. Anything other than what is truly mine to be and know. And in shedding those layers, I am so much more present, loving and capable to be with others. Isn't it ironic that tuning in actually opens everything up from the inside to the outside. If all of you is scattered everywhere and not culminating in the you deep within your soul, how diluted and divided are you?

Come back together one step at a time by coming into awareness and love for yourself. The answer to the one thing that has radically changed my life, and my family's life, and the lives of my tribe and clients?

Self love.

I love you and we got this!



Join me live at 1 pm PST with Becky Kimes as we share a live healing and card reading session and share with you the magic of our gorgeous symposium,

This is your sign to open up even more to self love and changing the pivot of your life towards your own magic flow. See you soon! 

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