Don’t Do Us Any Favors

If you think you’re doing anyone a favor by withholding your highest standards and hanging down around at levels of being unworthy of truly being you, safe and expansive, forget it. 

When you allow yourself to settle down into the comfy zone of other people’s standards, you create sediment and then FOSSILS. 

I don’t know about you, but I am invested whole heartedly in staying vibrant, thriving, alive with love and joy and zeal, and Yas honay, there is a great level of care and focus that goes into the insulation of my fully resonating frequency. It is a lifetime of joy to implode and explode as the supernova that is Valtopia. 

I’d love for you to visualize and feel your badass creationary warrior high frequency self that came to balance out all the LOW ASS VIBES and pain and suffering that YOU, yes you, my highly creative visionary sensitive baller, has come to TRANSMUTE. 

As you feel, release and then embody your highest self, with love and choice daily, you do NOT settle! 

Stand up for what you believe. Shit! Find out what you do believe if you haven’t been able to yet because of your circumstances. Don’t let your circumstances determine your choices. If you don’t love your life you have every privilege and bliss to shift it and there are so many now sharing amazing techniques that are simple. 

Many of you who come to me and powerful beyond your wildest dreams and because of not having yet lives in that dreamy resonance, you can only see your current situation. 

Look at it!!

Let yourself see where you feel an absolute oh fuck no. 

And do something about it to re-energize ALL OF YOU. 

Be the light of you all the way and bring it honay. You came to do and be you. 

Own your frequency, Supernova! There’s nobody like you. 





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