Don't Let Keeping It Real Keep You Down

You might be doing this and not even know it.
For some of us, keeping it real means telling the truth of our experiences, good and bad. In expressing our authentic REAL truth, we sometimes can keep ourselves from truly exploring the vastness of our own capabilities, creativity and vision when we hang too tightly to what feels "REAL" and ok with everyone else we know and love. In keeping to, speaking of and staying in what feels familiar and "real", we can forget to allow for the miracles, the magic that only happen when you truly do let go of conventions, expectations and attachments.
I may never have stood up for my own truth and vision if I didn't believe in the unreal REALITY I've now embodied.
There is a level of compassion we can have for each other, without losing sight of what we came to do and be. And for those of us following our art, our creative expression, we did not come to edit, filter or squash ourselves into the community collectives comfort level of what is real and nice. We came to express things that might be difficult, awkward, uncomfortable, irregular and integrate and expand beyond what we have known so that we can include more totality of experience into what we are living.

When I first moved to Los Angeles from the midwest, I found myself yearning for the familiar behaviors and expectations I'd learned in my suburban middle class awareness. I had lived overseas and in several different states, so I knew how different people can be, but I had learned a certain level of NICE that used to happen between people.  But we didn't go through all the hardship and challenges we did traveling out to the great unknown of Los Angeles to be NICE. We came to express ourselves in a way that felt more FREE than the two faced experience we were living back home, where people were nice, IF you were in the right club, or the right church, or the right community, but if you fell outside those lines, well then, all bets were off. We couldn't live in that lie, so we fled to a place we believed to be more open, more flexible, where we could explore what we couldn't help but be.
We desired the freedom of look, being and life that we were called to naturally. We didn't fit in those boxes back home, and yet here we found ourselves trying to recreate the boxes in our new relationships here by looking for NICE and familiar.
And I find we are doing that online.
I see people banding together to be "nice" AND FIT IN to whoever is loudest shouting the latest conformity. And all the feeler, healers still in denial about their own great power and sovereignty, even those who think they have, will flurry over with the crew, to fall in line. Yes, sir. Yes, maam. Let me kiss some more ass so I'll be safe and not stick out and be able to hang around.
We see mentors attempting to draw in their community by policing and monitoring and even making fun of the way others are genuinely trying to uplift themselves out of lives that may be terrifyingly filled with abuse and injustice. I know that coming online completely transformed and saved my life and I show up daily to speak to those of you who feel trapped in your own minds about who you are REALLY. 
You come to me frustrated, lost, angry, confused and ready for answers, solutions to live more fully, to speak your truth, to be in your purpose and passion so you CAN make money and live in a way that doesn't feel like a lie. A lie that's slowly killing you. You come to me because you've had it and you're not going to live like this any more. You've tried everything and you've made some progress, but you KNOW there is a way out of this prison you're living in right now.
Soul Alignment doesn't equal instant cash.
Your life solutions don't equal money. Your life solutions equal flow back to what is real for YOU, not what is real for others.
How committed are you to living in your passion and purpose and feeling the energy, vitality and peace that comes more and more as you do?
Finding yourself in tune with yourself does offer you the chance to restructure your life in a way that can allow you to feel WAY more healthy and wealthy from the inside.
That is PRICELESS and could result in WAY more cash.

But don't get sucked into the BS feel of some sort of friendship or loyalty to a tribe you might be feeling online. If they're tearing down the way people are possibly trying to find their ways out of the prisons of their lives, how much compassion can they do they have? I like to align with those who are bold AND compassionate with lots of flexibility for the miracles. Because it's deep faith in these miracles that saves lives every day when someone decides they are worthy enough to stand up and overcome whatever it is that's stopping them from truly living in freedom.

We aren't playing around here, even though I promote play all the way. We are standing up and saying YES I CAN and getting up and SHOWING UP FULLY in our own lives without shame of keeping it down so we can try to keep it real and in the comfy zone for those loud mouths trying to police and keep it comfy for themselves, by discrediting the freedom for others to do it their way.

Find your own zone and keep doing the important work of creation you do in your way. Do NOT let the racket slow ya roll. 

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