Don't Tell me What to Do

I realize now why I used to shrink from leadership, whether consciously, or unconsciously. Sure, fear of responsibility and accountability would come up. Can I do this? Will I know what to do? Generally, I would defer to the more authoritative energy and be glad to give my all as a strong team member. I chose this role through my career in the film biz. I was one of the first and only women creating fx digitally when I started, and I was used to hanging out with my brother and Dad and eased right into the male dominated society that was (and still is) visual fx production. I didn't have an aerospace engineering degree, or know ANY math (yeah, next time around I'll pay attention in math school - and I'm still gonna learn that stuff YASSSS). So I didn't feel comfortable stepping into any sort of leadership role besides the ones where I would teach or nurture new crew. Loved doing that, but I always felt off not stepping into a more substantial version of myself in the jobs. I didn't need to, I didn't want to, and then when I started having kids, it was much easier for me to just do the most kickass, concentrated work I could while I was there, and leave the responsibility and leadership of the projects to others who were clamoring for leadership. That's a very specific example, but I can say, I generally have chosen friends and partners who have a strong mind and conviction, and are really good at organizing and leading situations, occasionally to the point of being controlling. I have always been happy to relinquish that control and live in my fantastical, imaginative supportive team member role.

But now I realize it goes deeper than fear, but goes to the core of my essence and who I am naturally as a being. I don't want to tell YOU what to do. I don't like being told what to do. I like FIGURING it out, or being shown a way, and then following my own intuition about it. That is when the magic happens. It's a trait that alienates others if you don't step into your leadership, because if you aren't standing in your value of who and how YOU resonate, SOMEone will come along and try to corral you. It's natural. 

I realize this now, because in my sessions with my KICKASS clients who ARE leaders or stepping into more leadership, I don't tell them what to do. I may share my vast experience, and how I resonated to my own success and flow, and I'm a great teacher, but I am here to release and guide you from what might be holding you back from tuning into your own guidance and knowing, and making things happen as they resonate for YOU. If I told you what I do, and my exact recipe, it wouldn't work for you! We need to get you to clear head space, and light energy, and open so you can receive all the amazing ideas that are already right there inside of you. So you can magnetize to you all the wonderful people, experiences, resources and abundance that's really just ready to come to you as you have been imagining it (when you allow yourself to dream.) If you're a Valtopian, you're all over that. :)

Those are my thoughts as I head into another gorgeous afternoon of energy activation portraits. Stay tuned for weekly wisdom - it is coming, and be ready for Valtopia tv tomorrow at 2 pm PST on my fb live stream. 

Are you looking to release old patterns and energy blockages so you can tune in, tune up and resonate fully in your gorgeous life? I am SO here for you. Book in.

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    Finding this post has anerwesd my prayers

    On Feb 14, 2017

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