Doubt. What you need to know...

How many times have you risen up within your greatest energy and vitality, proclaiming your truth within, perhaps even declaring it to the world, possibly even effectuating action plans, only to find yourself in a heap of doubt, anxiety and frustration to bring the dream in for real?

You find yourself on the rollercoaster of the cycle of creation, where you've allowed the vision to come in, even begun to ground it, and then you're filled with the crippling resistance named DOUBT. You may feel it as a block of energy in your chest, and that energy comes from deep seated anxiety and fear. Perhaps you fear you're deluding yourself, and you'll truly just fail, and if you fail, everyone will hate you, abandon you, and you'll die. 

Sounds kinda silly when you really think about it ... And this is how I felt the first time I really faced my fears in a more proactive way than just freaking the fuck out in my head and experiencing all kinds of bodily pain and discomfort as a result. You see, the mind is trained over generations of existence, to know and be aware of danger, threats, problems, basically feedback to help us survive. It is so great that we are adaptable to our experiences, and can program that into our very DNA. And now that we know that, let us be conscious about what we DO and DO NOT allow to be marked upon our DNA by living and being the change we desire to experience. 

So, if you are still responding to the fear of putting yourself on the line to believe in your dream, your vision, your very truth, look into the very physical feeling of it and examine it! Is this real? Or is this feeling of fear and anxiety and possible death simply a delusion of memory, and one that you can honor, clear and regenerate with the belief of trust and creation through the inspired action you take or allow yourself to receive. 

I am such a firm believer in this because I've lived through it time and again. I'm still finding new layers of discovery all the time to release and let go, so that I can choose a different way to be this time, in this life. 

I will be sharing with you these amazing entries in my journal from years ago, where I questioned everything I did, and felt so much fear and self loathing and unworthiness, but also great vision and determination. Looking back I don't know why I felt so much dread and insecurity. I believe we all feel this way on some level, until we try things out and see what works and doesn't. What comes through is that I stuck with it, despite the doubts and fears.

What is coming through the cosmos now powerfully is the idea that you may be needing to expand waaaay beyond the limits you've accepted for yourself. You can hear more about this here:



You can tune into yourself daily and see where your resistance lies, how it feels in your body, what it might stem from and how you will choose to release it.

Here are some tips from yesterday's Cosmic Drop.


This one is harrrrrd to admit cuz it's terrifying to let go enough to allow for the expanse beyond the limits that feel "normal", safe or cozy or familiar. And the fear may be keeping you from being able to see and feel what is truly aligned to your soul purpose and vision.

Having trouble facing your own truth or making a deep decision? I am here to help guide you out of sticky situations you've created in your mind. Let's slay the sabotage and love on your inner power so you can shine like the visionary supernova you've been and are. 👇👇👇

PM for a fuck yeah session let's get you back in creation at full on mode. There is still time to enroll in my three month experience Valtopia Divine Embodiment at the current pricing. Use this full moon cosmic energy and let's dive IN to your magic NOW!


Remember - Own your Frequency, boo, there's no one like YOU!!







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