Will you rise up through the fear and expand or stay in the boundaries and limits of your fears?

I’ve been going through my client sessions and seeing what the bulk of them have been about.

The numbers in the photos indicate client levels. How high the pain was and then goes down to after our energy work together.

Here is a list of many of the feelings and fears felt in the body and perceptions and beliefs that can stop bold AF, boss queen geniuses from fully owning their magic and being the


that has risen up beyond where they were

And is now making a hugely positive impact and radically shifting paradigms far beyond where they were when we had our energy healing.

Fear of authenticity

Fear of expansion

Stand in your value

Looking to others for approval

Fear of success

Fear of not taking action

Fear of not trusting self

Feeling disempowered

Inability or lack of RECEIVING

Fear of exposure

Fear of being judged

Fear of being a sellout



Fear of heartache of stepping into next level - losing people - painful shifts

👉The thing about these leaders??

👊They identified they needed support to transcend perceived limitations, blocks and real struggles they were having.

They found the means necessary to open up and share vulnerably and witness their own healing and rebirth.

🙌THEY CHOSE TO BREAK THROUGH and not only did they break through, the energy then carried and illuminated their next great expansion and they allowed themselves to

💰BE authentic AF

💰Expand like a bo$$!!

💰Stand in your value

💰Looking WITHIN for approval
HUGE success


💰FULLY trusting self



💰HUGE visibility

💰Free from judgement


💰Delight and positive self awareness

💰Stepping into next level with


For my clients, when they get stuck in that fear and confusion, we don’t sit and marinate in it. I don’t let them stay in stories of “I don’t like” or “I can’t”.

We find it and shift it on the spot. Each day of business! So that you can shift RIGHT NOW!!

I am a psychic empath and am gifted in multidimensional energy shifting.

I don’t do the work for you - I do help you identify AND shift the energy to get CLEAR and to feel SAFE to keep expanding into that future version of you that DOES know and IS through the fear.

I teach you to feel and know how to shift into that yourself and then you are able to do the WORK of bringing your soul purpose to life!

This process of energy shifting in guidance IN THE MOMENT shaves months and even YEARS off of your process of coming into alignment and living as future you!!

Don’t you want to quit faffing around in the NOT YET zone of your own mind fuckery and expand into your zone of genius??!

👉If you’re a process oriented ambitious entrepreneur earning $20-25K monthly

who feels stifled by your current model of creating your income and you KNOW AND FEEL the vision that’s calling you

🤔and you’ve leapt and leapt and yet you feel limited by your own monkey mind and fear of expansion,

fill out an application and if we are aligned we can begin right away.

👊In the first session you will shift tremendously and you’ll see the effects of these energetic and mindshifts immediately in yourself, your life and your business.

⚡️For the right client, this is not a “oh wouldn’t that be nice to have” experience”

🔥this is an investment in RAPID clarity, decisive shifts throughout your whole body and being and

💰massive outcome in higher paying clients, fucktons more money, more impact and amazing relationships that YOU ALREADY HAVE CREATED and simply need to activate and calibrate into.


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