FEEL it, drop it, #doit

On Friday's Valtopia TV I talked about how we can suffer in our bodies if we aren't integrating holistically, and how feeling our body and our emotions and allowing them to pass through allows us to CHOOSE what we do and be, rather than allowing life to just happen to us.

I decided to open up some more about this and do it on video today.


I'm meant to be cleaning up my studio, but I am aware that shifting all of these things around in this space that has been so intensely active over the last year is inspiring and moving me to express and share. So I am allowing these moments to share, and then I'll get back to the organizing and restructuring. I am truly grateful to be able to do this. I have gone from work, to baby, to work to baby to work - and having a few moments to really focus on organizing in my space and home is really a privilege and I am grateful.

We are about to drop a 90 minute webinar that is gonna rock yer socks off stay tuned!

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(Solid love that will shift your energy to golden and remind you of how divine and powerful you are when you take those few moments to yourself to get good so you can Feel it, drop it, #doit.)

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