Feeling Old Stories and the Pain of Deep Wounds (Eclipse in full effect!)

With all the expansioning that's been going on lately, I have some AMAZING news to share with you. 

I manifested an invitation to exhibit at an art show, where they take zero percent commission! They approached me after finding and loving my art in Instagram!!!

All these days and weeks and months and years knowing that exactly like this, out of the blue, I get invited to share my work and presence. I'm STOKED!

Dreams keep coming true each time I face the dark side and love myself through to the other side!!  Want to know more? Here are the deets!

Now on to this week's blog..

This week we experienced the power of a total eclipse and the full moon. Combine that with the six planets in retrograde, and there has been super intense energy flowing.  

In the midst of it all, I wrote this post on Facebook:

“So many of us are feeling old stories and the pain of deep wounds, guilt and shame coming up for release.

As the pain of Mother Earth and the shame of our transgressions towards each other come up to be examined, felt, heard, loved, thanked and forgiven, some of us writhe in triggered fear of abandonment, fear for safety and security, fear of isolation and loss of courage and faith.

We must dig deeper, stand a bit longer with patience and love for own loathsome egoic attachments to drama and control.

In those deepest, darkest moments where you think no one could possibly love you, accept you or even forgive you, take a deeper breath, and feel the pain.

Acknowledge the shame.

Hear the guilt.

And be aware of the triggers, causes, sources and conditions that brought you to this place that may feel so dreadfully familiar. Love the parts of you that did transcend the pain, the fear, the control and coax all of you back out of that corner.

Each day is a fresh start, and there is always a new energy, approach, and energy to create something different than what you may feel right now. Allow the excruciating to dissipate and transmute into the quiet that comes before the reboot is over. Those moments of illumination and awareness when you break on through to the other side are coming. Tuck into this restart as deeply as you can. We so got this.”

I had the chance to work with Sarah Labra who is super gifted y'all and has helped to crack me open! That shift was real!!!

But here’s what I learned. We’re all doing best we can with all the baggage we’re lugging around. Does that make it easier to deal with? No, not really.

The pain our inner child feels is real. When we feel silenced. When we don’t feel seen or heard. All of that is real and it’s our true experience. I'm bringing mine out and she's with me now because I don't need to keep revisiting that old pain to love my inner little girl.

Sarah helped me with that.

So, here's to my inner child and yours. They all need some love right now. Compassion, patience, and plenty of sprinkle dusts of allowing to you.

We got this.

Creating a new reality for yourself is totally possible. It will also involve ALL the emotions. The good shit, the bad shit, and the ugly.


Other people will judge you.


You will judge you.


The thing is people will come and go. But in the end, you are still with yourself.


Your choices,your desires, all of you.

How deeply do you want to create a new reality for yourself, for us, for the new earth?

Is it fucking amazing on the other side when you finally get out of the box, out of your head, and into your heart and soul?


I’m ready to help you get there!

Have you heard about my 3-month portrait experience?

Give yourself the gift of healing to your very essence. No more hiding. No more dumbing it down or being what everybody else wants. It doesn’t make ANYbody happy. It's time to learn to live through your triggers in a way that feels resonant and aligned with your spiritual truths.

In stripping away these self doubts, programs, and tangled energetic vibrations, you liberate your soul and very being and you honor the divine vessel that you are.

Are you ready to step into the expansive version of you? You can check out all the details and sign up for a breakthrough session here.

Are you with me?

I love you.


PS Don't forget to mark your calendar for September 27 @ 7 PM. I'll be exhibiting my work at Exchange LA. You can check out all the details here

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