Financial trauma PTSD is a thang.

And right now, I know many of you fled terrifying situations and either you didn’t have the privilege of credit or finances to support you as you rebuilt your lives and regenerated and if you did you may not quite be catching up with yourself yet.

And it’s INTENSE!!

So much judgment and fear and chaos can manifest even as you stay calm and carry on through to your big vision.

Holding space for yourself as you LEAP into the unknown which GLOWS up for your intuitive cosmic self no latter what the people around you and your old self thinks.

The most resilient and tenacious of us will rise up again and again through our trauma, through our fear and apathy that comes as par for the course when we feel:




We throw anything and everything we have at saving our lives and getting out of impossible situations so we can feel




As we heal and rise from the ashes, we are meant to find our purpose, speak it into creation, prolifically create content, show up on all the spots on social media, come up with copy, marketing, launches and contests. Endless calls to action to rally people into contests, challenges, events. Manage all the ticketing and connection while we manage our hyper sensitive and traumatized kids, their schooling and health care and ours too. All the things. All the things! Of course!

I showed up for a lot of it. 

I have prolifically created fucking epic content that is LIFE CHANGING while I moved through each hot mess/lesson I fully evolved of and  through.

It changed my life and that of my clients!


I wouldn’t give up where I am right now for anything!

I have facilitated leaders embodying LEADERSHIP on a massive scale and in liberating themselves they liberate so many more. Together we rise!!!

And I have had to white knuckle through my ego tripping conditioning and practical grounded reality that the choices I made were radically extreme and maybe just maybe I was going too big and too hard?

I bet on myself HARD.

And from where I sit with what I’m about to launch to the world, with all the prolific and powerful content and love and mastery and expertise I have developed and AM?! And the support and love and ACTIVATION I will facilitate and hold space for and create for those leaders incubating and emerging right now???!

Holy fuckballs am I grateful I trust myself and be the wild renegade visionary leader that I am.




Since last week, I have been rebooting everything and rebirthing financials, my biz, aligning to ME and it feels soooooo good on the other side but man.

Did I doubt? Cry for hours in physical and emotional pain and put my family through it for all that I have been and not been these last five years since I created my biz? Um yeah I told you about it along the way.

That resistance is wildly debilitating until you move through. I can’t wait to share the MEDICINE coming through me

CAN YA FEEL ME HONAY???!! 👀😃🙌🏼💜🙏💫

Stay the course! Own your frequency you are the Miracle!!! ⚡️⚡️👊🏽

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