For the successful entrepreneur experiencing an income PLATEAU:

I want you to enjoy the journey of my rockstar client Keisha Dixon who has SEVEN timed her investment already in only the first week of the activation six week deep dive GLOW UP ACTIVATION.

For clients who match her profile, you will find YOU TOO will exponentially light up and allow your energy to shift into cash creations.


You are a successful entrepreneur who has accomplished incredible results with your clients and then experienced an income lag or plateau.

The plateau has begun to mess with your confidence and your nervous system is reacting with fear and anxiety, even though you KNOW the tricks and tools of the self help and spiritual business to relax, regenerate and reboot.

In fact, you'd love to include MORE of this mind blowing, life changing type of transformational approach to life into your own life and business. Your own gifts are beginning to open up and you're not quite sure how to navigate them, and this gives you a sense of anxiety.

You have, and as you do, you've experienced both the glow up and the blow up.

The blow up freaked you out enough to leave you with a nervous system response to expansion that leaves you feeling that you KNOW it is time to shift, and yet your body is messin' with you every time you do.

What is a savvy boss queen to do to expand AND make money and LIVE FULLY at the same time?

⚡️Divinely delivered - it's the GLOWUP.⚡️

For the BOSS entrepreneur with a big vision and proven track record of focus and showing up, who feels a bit foggy, confused and even angry.

💰You've invested.

👊You've shown up.

You're passionate and transformational.

How can you be the leader you see yourself to be
when you feel this doubt and lag
that has begun to shift you down?

It's ok.

It happens to us as we grow and evolve.

It is time to realize that expansion trauma is messing with your clarity, and you are READY to merge the parts of you that feel out of place, lost, abandoned, stolen or needing "practice" to express, emote and evolve.

This batch of attachments, perceptions, beliefs and energy keeps you revisiting timelines you have decided already many times to release.

Your conscious mind knows this but your inner being needs adjustment and integration.

The work we do allows you to feel


and to unite

___your inner authority and decision making

with your

___ inner child and freedom and curiosity.


When you allow yourself to move, play, enjoy and EMBODY


through miraculous sound frequencies and body movements 

and sacred connections


that disrupt your old patterns, thoughts and ways of being, miracles of INTENTION become the norm and your expectations AND reflections shift as you do.


What you decide becomes CLEAR

from a place of DIVINE connection


become your decision to allow and create

- in your line of service, you see your gift and you BE it in full glow and your clients AND you light up.


Allow yourself to shift beyond this paradigm you're currently releasing.

Let that old persona merge into new levels of who you know you are as we are all evolving so rapidly daily.

Find you own best DAILY reboot - method of CASH INFUSION CREATION as a guide, as a leader - this work allows your liberty.


When you glow up, your soul clients do, and our constellation SUPERNOVAS.

Own your frequency.


Book in on through application. Two spots remain Activations begin at 5K.

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