You show up, every day, in your own way.

And it's heroic what you've accomplished, created, received and allowed

And your next level of creation is glorious. You are inviting it, and feeling it and knowing it deep in your soul and it's happening! Synchronicities, connection, vitality, love, harmony, more and more each day, your experience is enlightened and clear, and the moments of resistance are becoming less reactive and you're flowing more, moment to moment.

Your inner freedom, peace, balance and center is everything. Everything IS everything -  meaning, from the inside to the out, your nourished being WILL decide for you what life you allow yourself. So nourish the fuck out of yourself on a SOUL level ALL IN.


ALL IN - DECIDE - do you remember yourself? Do you remember when you knew everything and could feel it deep in your bones, in all of your very being, and there was no confusion or clutter to cloud your truth? Before all the pain, and all the downfalls, all the limits that got placed around our stream of vitality and life force we came in with? 

You CAN get back to your truth, your freedom, your knowing. Each and every one of us can with simple, daily focus on what nourishes YOUR soul and being. Break free - take a moment - drink that water - eat that fucking chia seed - take a nap - go walk around the block - dance for a minute - sing out of key - fucking move your body and feel the energy STILL coursing through your very being and get back in tune with your passion, your purpose, your funny, your funky, your freedom. 

Happy fourth of July on this day of great polarity in our experience that we are grateful to bring into balance and center as magical creators. JOIN me in honoring your magic - I'm calling you in soul family, supernovas, believers, dreamers, wild and free illuminators doing it for real - I can see our wave and it's fucking radiant and gorgeous, powerful and REAL! 

Activate your DECIDE o meter - get clear, focused, disciplined and allow your magic - we have Love Drops to create in the world that rippple far and wiiiiide. See you in Divine Freedom!

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