FREEDOM from shape shifting into BLISS and cash infusions

It's terrifying when you've learned to please others and modulate yourself to keep the peace.
You don't KNOW what peace is, really, other than TO shape shift yourself in any given situation, since it's easier to shift yourself, thus shifting the feelings of others, therefore shifting how you feel, indirectly.
It is WAY MORE WORK to have to feel your own feelings, recognize and then name and claim what you truly desire, much less stand in your value and enforce your boundaries when others may not concur and challenge you, your views, your needs, your boundaries, whatever ...
So you're super empathic, and you can feel and you've learned to shape shift and modify and because of it you FEEL like you're in CONTROL, and you maintain control by organizing, modifying and manipulating as much as you can, so you can keep the level of FEELS somewhat under lock and key.
So with this whole elaborate system of NOT feeling and controlling and not really knowing your true self or HOW to feel or HOW to truly act and be as yourself, in a way that feels natural, supported, true and ecstatic, OF COURSE you don't want to get quiet with yourself, or show who you are to anybody else.
You don't even really know!!!
I've got news.
Do not beat yourself up for this discovery.
What served to protect you now needs to go, because it's actually protecting you from receiving ANY of the asks you desire.
Each powerful "block" in your fields of belief can be shifted and the flow of energy through you modulated. You are a powerful creator and your presence and being has MUCH more radiance and connection led by your genius when you release the reigns of control and embody into SURRENDER to your highest vibration, knowing and CHOICES DAILY.
The program can run a number on you believing in this and letting yourself have full sovereignty to achieve your full vision. Some of us were born to rise up and shine through all of this and learn how to crack through the program and WE DID.
I am here to guide you out of the misery and anxious stronghold that is CONTROL and into the blissful peace and joy that is surrender and TRUST.
Are you ready to fully allow the magic and MONEY that is you???
Then you're ready to get intimate with yourself in the tightest container of alchemy and shift you'll ever need.
You will expand automatically as soon as you invest and what you cannot see now will make perfect sense and you WILL dawn new days where you fully embody the powerful leader and visionary that you already ARE.
Own your frequency supernova! There's nobody like you!!

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