From fuck off with this to fuck yeah!!

🎉I am celebrating my clients for DOING THE WORK!!!🎉


They are divinely activating to deep levels of self awareness and it can be CHOICEFUL! 😂


There will be moments you will feel like FUCK OFF WITH THIS I don’t believe I gotta go back to some old way of being that I ALREADY DECIDED SUCKS. 


Let me not sugar coat it. 


My work with you is REAL and DYNAMIC. 


When you choose to work with the collective elders and cosmic medicine that is VALTOPIA, that flows through in our sessions and containers, (experiences) Intentions BECOME. 


Be ready to shift into new directions you always wanted but kept thinking you couldn’t. 


Your deepest desires guide you on the way to being your vision. And your BEING is vital to honoring your highest desires. 


How you gonna know what’s what if you don’t slow down and feel for yourself??!


Stop chasing your own shadow and be in it for a minute and own it. 


Love and nourish the health back into the parts of you that feel dark. Witness what is you and being together all of you. 


All of you can be daunting AF. 


I invested thousands and traveled around the world, allowing myself access to experiences I’ll never forget. 


I wanted to learn the most powerful ways to rapidly rise in success as a powerful creator, healer, messenger and oracle. 


I invested in spiritual training, business coaching and mindset training, energy healing, website development, marketing training, Social media, self publishing, gut health, physical training. I invested in my community with women I knew. I am invested in team Valtopia as we grow together. 

In shifting my reality over and over, rapidly and with intention, I shifted. 


Being in the company of brilliant women who have radically expanded their impact and living life fully, overcoming odds of great difficulty like me, I believed in and backed myself. 


I shifted. 


I felt guilt. 


I felt shame. 


I shifted. 


I felt the reality of one part of me die and new parts of me awaken that were more awake and attuned to my soul self. 

As I shifted through so many layers of me that were chiseled over my true and relaxed being I’ve found myself over and over and remembered what I kept forgetting when the panic, or the instant trigger fear would happen. 


Whatever the thing was that kept looping me back to darker and darker days, I’ve released. I think I was liberated when my brother woke me up as he died. 


There is a violet flame of light that passes through and between us as we connect. Feel the vibration of today’s transmission below by celebrating the ground breaking work these clients are doing to shift stubborn beliefs, create and allow new habits, and allow their desires to become more clear and their vision to BECOME. 

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