It can FEEL nearly impossible to come into a greater state of being and growth,

IF you keep holding onto what was,

and even what is.

What is,

IS what you decide it is,


if you keep holding onto what WAS,


that’s what you get.

I remember
when I first started to become aware
of how much I actually had to do
with everything
I saw

around me in my life.

It REALLY pissed me off.

I felt like a VICTIM to my circumstance. How the fuck could this be my fault?? I was trying to hard to be a good person, and do my best!

How did I end up in such an unhappy marriage?

How did I end up feeling a victim to someone else’s choices over my every moment

that did NOT align to my own vision and dreams.

I was exhausted.

I never had time to myself.

I didn’t feel love or loved.

Every interaction became an argument.


It was an endless loop of ‘my way or the highway’.

I could never do anything right, and I felt less than worthy of the ME

That I actually used to love, and was enjoying becoming before

I abandoned myself, my art and my vision of life as the ME before

I got married.

I really DID believe we would be happy and grow TOGETHER.

I really DID feel LOVE and envisioned our happy family and growing old together.

I also can see that

I was in my late 30s and somewhere inside of me felt I better just “settle down” and be a nice wifey and mom, that my “time” was up. Like only YOUNG women are allowed anything and then POOF - you need to fuck off and give up.

I allowed an old paradigm and set of beliefs to knock me out of my own flow and submitted to THE PROGRAM.

And in submitting to the fear program, I slowly got sucked into a FEAR BASED LIFE more and more.

Little by little I shut down and shut up,

because it was “EASIER” than arguing for what I believed in all the time that was NOT being received by my partner.

I allowed FEAR to guide my days

And completely lost FAITH  in myself, in my own wisdom, in my own greatest truth.

At a certain point, I had to just face up to it, and that was NOT a one and done experience. lol.

Over and over again, I had to look at my beliefs, my energy, my choices, my FEELINGS and then CHOOSE BEYOND NOW!!! I had to get over my OLD and CURRENT self and EMBODY TO A NEW SPACE OF BEING that was me.

And at the time I was shifting into who I am now, I didn’t remember who I was.

I had to KEEP moving back towards me, work through the awkward AF loneliness, confusion, grief, anger, resentment and SHEER RESISTANCE of that THEN LIFE to create my magical, expansive,  PERMISSION TO BE EPIC life of NOW!! 

I HAD TO BELIEVE in what wasn't here in front of me yet, but was very much in my soul, heart and knowing.

The awareness and understanding of just how much you really

DO have to do with your current state of being



Sheer power.

And for many of us, there is this WALL of defense that has kept us from allowing this awareness,

That has blocked us from ourselves,

From our own knowing

From our wisdom and connection to self.

We take it for granted and assume others know more than us.

We feel helpless, tired, confused about which direction to go.

We have moments where we really fire up and FLY, and then we crash and burn.

And we tell ourselves stories of the NOW that keep us from really BEING NOW AND MOVING FORWARD!

Stop bathing in the past, and what you don’t like about now and DO SOMETHING EPIC for yourself.

Find a way to shift into DEEP self awareness and clarity so you can feel, know, see and BE the you that you already are, minus the SHIT that keeps you from SHIFTING!!!

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This is where we FACE the fear and find FLOW and bring it back to LIFE because we tucked in so deeply during this session.  

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