The Secret Steps to What You're Missing

There's a whole web of lies, stories, fears and woes that tie each of us up somehow. Some of us are more stuck in than others, but we all live under varying layers of obligation, fears, guilt, denial and centuries of rules, structures, experiences and programming that clouds our very own beautiful soul guided inspiration and guidance. This inner brilliance is what I call delight, curiosity, desire, getupandgo, YASSSS, aiiiiight, and gitit. The essence of life, the joie de vivre, the dolce vita?

That's what comes from soul guided inspiration and love! Which is all inside of each and every one of us, no matter where you live, who you are, war, peace, life, death, what have you. The soul guided inspiration is what we eternalize and carry through. Inspiration. Creative expression. Visionary energy shifting that is transformationally expansive makes for the delicious juicy highs, that can also lead to some serious lows. We are holistic, and as we allow all of us to emerge, rather than stuffed, denied, or ignored, we begin to integrate, and integration is how we achieve clarity, consistency, compassion, and conviction. 

How can we release centuries of thought patterns? It is important, some might say. Yes! Thank you for protecting us, DNA, societal constructs and wisdom of the ages. We can be versed in history, know the stories, have the knowledge, but NONE of that truly stokes our passion to live with purpose and vision unless it comes from our HEART, our gut, our inner voice, OUR BODY, mind and spirit of NOW that is ever evolving and fluid. Because we are constantly changing, we must remember to release that which isn't serving us RIGHT NOW and for what we intend to create. Yes, we can intend and then create our own reality. Yes. 

By feeling our own bodies, and being aware of the signs and clues it TELLS us. We are living, breathing BEings, and to fully BE and thrive and create future generations of LIVING BEings, we better tune in, and tune out of all the nonsense, barriers, closed doors, and Impossibility we allow ourselves to be held to, rather than choosing to change the story, let go of what isn't ours, and step into our own experience and guide it fully, with connection within AND without. How can we shape the future if we are ignoring our present moments, wrapped up so busily in tasks we deem essential to our survival. That survival mode will become our future if we allow it. CHOOSE you, choose your moments, choose what’s lovely and always inside of you to guide you along with everything else you allow yourself to receive and create. You are endlessly powerful in the light of the brilliance of the universe, and it lies just inside of YOU. That's the secret. You and your gorgeous inner vision.


Having trouble getting past the layers of SHOULDs, COULDs, WOULDs and guilt, fear and anxiety? You are not alone - we ALL do. I am here for you with varying levels of energy release and regeneration. Together we can let go of the past, recognize the now, and create the future. Come vision with me and choose you. 


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