Full moon plus lunar eclipse on Tuesday July 16, 2019

Full moon plus lunar eclipse on Tuesday July 16, 2019. 

You may be feeling the funky pull of introspection as we all review, release and regenerate. 

Surf these cosmic waves like the fiery rebel badass that you are honay. Let yourself go in and deep and allow what’s coming through in the other side of these big collective shifts. 🙌


Remember, it always feels way super awkward, itchy scratchy, funky monkey RIGHT BEFORE THE BIG BREAK THROUGH!

Get back in there, stand back up, breathe a few big breaths, sit yo ass down at the table, do that thang, don’t do that thang, 



Show up. Time and again. Because you are grounded and rooted into your purpose and conviction, and your heart is open to your inspiration which is channeling through miraculous and on point inspiration moment to moment from the COSMOS and your highest insight and ACTIVATED ALIGNMENT. 

All curated through your decision to wake up and be aware of and mind yourself and call yourself to more. 

Not in a shameful way. In the 

“Holy shit I’m a badass and I haven’t EVEN begun to tap into my infinite potential!”

Way. In that way. 


I’m popping with ideas and they’ll be streaming out soon my team is awesome. The containers are brilliant and I’m honored to be the one receiving and facilitating what’s going to blow your minds, regenerate your cels and being you back into the essence of your true being. 

Which means I’m allowing my 1:1s to fill up in the next four weeks. Yes universe will align to these divine directives as will I. It’s a mutual experience and co creation. 

Gather your multi talented, passionate and fiery rebel badass together and come in for your Valtopia activation and alignment energy and mindset guidance. 

Your genius is so perfect for the new paradigms of being and Valtopia is activating the leaders of the leaders. Get your spot now and launch a whole new constellation of supernovas. 

Let’s do this rockstars!!


1:1 begins at 1k and up 90 day experience 

My 1:1 is all virtual support/rapid deep and powerful energetic shift and then the daily process of doing the WERK! 

Our days after initial activation is about shifting mind pathways and rewiring new beliefs and habits. Learn the process and become your own most potent guide so you can work with new levels of genius and quit running circles around the same old loop. 

ENJOY and command your presence in your life. BE the highest level version of you and fulfill your days with SOUL POWER. 

DM to start the process right away. 

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