Galactic Flow

There is a cycle to expansion. I have reinvented and rebooted and catapulted far beyond my circumstances MANY times and I know. I traveled around the world since I was three. I was always the new girl, and then in high school I started traveling by myself when I was a foreign exchange student. I went off to work in Boston as an 18 year old and continued to travel, study and work all around the world. It was a new trip each time. There is a repeated cycle that occurs. Knowing this is empowering, and can create so much peace, delight and FLOW. I can't keep this to myself, and neither can my loving and generous mentor, Becky Kimes. She has uplifted, humored, inspired and healed me throughout my Valtopian journey. She was with me right at the beginning or even before Valtopia and I am so grateful for friendship, guidance, mentoring and her teaching me how to thrive as a creative entrepreneur and healer. With Becky and empowered energetics, I found a way to connect with clients, heal rapidly, easily, lovingly and create beautiful, powerful and lasting shifts through the energy modality AND my own creative vision and impulse. What I learned from my experiences with her right from the beginning, is that I have everything I would ever need RIGHT INSIDE OF ME. She helped me for a long time giving generously. As she was evolving, she brought along many with her, as she does now. Together we rise is how she operates AND with a wicked send of humor and a solid dose of REAL. How can you be all galactic and REAL at the same time? Easy. And we have now collaborated with the best of our gifts, love and divine transformational juju to get you ON and FLOWING before 2017!!!

Galactic Flow is your ticket to energy mastery, self calm, super shine and knowing. The knowing that all you need is right inside of you, with easy and accessible tools and awareness to guide you in your journey, so you can lift up YOUR tribe and YOUR family and YOUR people. Together we rise and shine. 

The CART IS OPEN!! Get YOUR ticket to Galactic Flow here!

Any of these steps and what should be easy, natural and fun ( (creating a thriving business)) quickly becomes a grind leaving you wondering will ever attain this elusive thing called business success. 

If you are ready Dive into a cycle of success.....Galactic Flow....then get ready to...

*******Expand ~ All the Energies You need to Thrive in your Business and life!!

Say YES! to yourself and the success of your business and Join Us.

When you do you will receive...

6 weekly live calls where we will Activate and personally Align each of you with the 6 steps in Galactic Flow. Each of these activations are supported with an Arcturian Power Symbol channeled by Becky, Val and their Arcturian Guides.

These Arcturian Power Symbols are a physical expression of the Arcturian Light Frequency , and are composed of energetic signatures and activations to help you open up to the new expanded possibilities waiting to be birthed through You!

You will also receive support with Empowered Energetics to keep your mind from sabotaging your new path. This is EXTREMELY important and a step often forgotten when working with new, high vibrational frequencies and activations.

The Journey begins on 11/11. (The actual time will be coming soon)

(A weekly schedule will be posted in the private Facebook group)

AND if you are one of the first 22 people to will also receive YOUR OWN PERSONAL ARCTURIAN POWER SYMBOL. We already have 12.

We will tap into your energy field and create a one of a kind symbol SOLELY FOR YOU!

Your symbol will represent the multi-dimensional expansion of you and will fully integrate you with Galactic Flow.

Are you ready for Galactic Flow?

Click the link and join us!


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