Glow Up Activation



Clear up INFLAMMATION, STAGNATION and to LIGHT UP TO YOUR FREEDOM AND JOY with the Valtopia GLOWUP - 6 week business and life ACTIVATION and REBIRTH.


👊For the uptight successful FREEDOM entrepreneur looking to open up to more spirituality, creativity and JOY in life AND create a 2-3 X minimum ROI on your investment when you show up with me daily and do the work I guide you through.


This is not MORE work, this is SUPPORT that creates efficiency, inspiration and ROI on your certainty, confidence, clarity and that MOJO you get when you feel great and open to your own GENIUS!!!

Your business and life can no longer handle your uptight ass and it is costing you your next level of income and LOVE.

👉UPTIGHT ain’t right and you know it deep down inside. The truth is your fiery rise to out of your hardship has left you TIGHT in places you haven’t been able to let go.

🙏There’s parts of you that want to cut loose so badly and bring through what feels SO NATURAL to you but in your mind it’s taboo, or off the permission slip, and you don’t know how to get past it.🙈

🔝What does this have to do with your business and your bottom line?


✖️How you restrict your own deepest desires is how you totally cock block your big riches of JOY and cash infusions.

⚫️And the places inside of you that are TIGHT and rigid are indicators of where you are storing deeply embedded DARK ACTIVATION!!!


🧬When I do my own life changing transmissions from the elders and the shamanic healing and cosmic activation that is MEDICINE for my clients, they alchemize trapped emotions, beliefs and energy. We activate higher strands of DNA which unlock codes of your own brilliance for your own wealth, health and life!!!

🔥 As the shadows come into the light, ANGER rises up into passion, which reveals your repressed TRUE desires for life and business.

🔑The ones that have been driving you all along, but that you haven’t fully integrated into your life and business.

✖️These repressions will keep you in lulls and ebbs more than flows, and it will look like you showing up like the boss you are, but not getting the same results you’re used to.

🧬You’re being called to integrate those parts of you that haven’t yet healed from your past, even though you’ve done a SHIT TON of healing and self care and self development.

💜Relationships in the past had elements of victimhood for you, and perhaps you dealt with:

✖️Toxic control
✖️Boundary issues

🙌It was a difficult AF but you rose up like the boss Phoenix rising that you are.

👊You faced your fears, you got through the gruel of detachment to be able to rise up again and again to your freedom.

👊You pride yourself on your spunk and spark, and when you were being shaped by that toxic fire, parts of you got stuck, sick and flare up super sabotage style when you really don’t even know it’s happening.

👉This looks like

✖️Failed relationships even though you’re doing the work

✖️Income goals falling short, even though you show up and BRING IT

✖️Excess Weight - even though you work out and have a fitness plan you feel FLUFFY and over it

✖️Lack of inspiration even though you SHOULD be enthused by this freedom life you’ve created for yourself

✖️BOREDOM and even almost anxiety, even though you’ve switched the medication for the meditation, and the yoga game is strong

🙈Chances are you got sick before you got out of the life you’d been living or are moving on from, and you are holding on UNKNOWINGLY to


NOT consciously.

🙈You don’t even KNOW the feelings and energy that is still a part of your body and being and is actually affecting your whole life in a profound way.

👉The thing is, you’ve healed from this but STILL DO NOT TRUST YOURSELF DEEPLY because

🔑 these parts of you are so deeply embedded, you don’t feel safe to let them go.

🔮And the parts of you that you don’t trust have to do with


🎉Enjoying success

🎉Trusting the future

🎉Embodying wealth beyond what you’ve known and maintaining it

🎉Planting and harvesting seeds through CELEBRATION

🎉Creating new connections that DO fulfill and delight you

🎉Feeling sexy and sensual without guilt, shame or fear

🎉Enjoying pleasure and time to yourself

🎉Tapping into and expressing your intuitive cosmic genius.


I know it seems impossible to shift so much so radically but you have DONE THE WORK -


👉this is a FLUSH of the remaining stagnant energy and bringing all of your scattered energy back to you, and we do this through various techniques that are unparalleled and unique to my own method.

My process is powerful and one you will adapt as your own because through MY process we discover YOURS!!!


Right from the start we will address your ENERGY and support you in awakening and activating dormant parts of you that are actually quite active in your field, in the sense that they are creating LIMITATION for you.

The more you know, the better you do, and when you wake up and integrate these parts of you, your life force glows with CLARITY.

The inflammation and stagnation is addressed and you will be FIRED up to new levels of energy and enthusiasm!!

In the clarity and expansion of your energy centers, you feel light and open, and your heart begins to open as do all of your energy centers, and you’re able to connect in more deeply throughout all of your body, to your GENIUS.

Those ghosts of the past, the inflammation, the fog, the confusion or disconnect is relieved

in this clarity you meet and feel your “future” self that is relieved of these attachments to the old stories of pain and suffering that still linger within you unknowingly.


💜This looks like delight, exuberance, magnetism, inspiration, reconnection - REBIRTH!!

When you feel the rebirth - you are now activated into higher levels of self resonance than you’ve ever allowed yourself.

You !!!!!!

This is when your mind gets blown and we begin the process of DAILY RECALIBRATION to these new levels of standards you have for yourself and your being, that no longer seem far away, impossible or hidden from you.

This is mindset, lots of questions guided by your answers, me listening and supporting you where certain patterns die hard.

Daily energy shifting, mind repatterning and new habits and ways of being. Inspired action and accountability as you evolve into this new level of you and inevitably shift the shit that comes up as you let go and evolve into YOU.

Now you can do the work of allowing what once seemed impossible, unattainable, or simply not for you….


I cannot wait to get started so you can get to it!!

DM to apply and initiate the activation and 6 week daily voxer support - the GLOWUP begins TODAY!! Spots ARE limited we begin ASAP.

Own your frequency Supernova - there's nobody like you!

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