Going BOLD, creative and big

I've been playing small and shrinking up until now in my own way. I feel so blessed to be connected to such beautiful loving souls - no not everybody out there is - but I find you, you find me, I know you, I love you and I APPRECIATE YOU - I am going to honor you all, and each of us doing our magic, and not play small. We get taught to be careful, watch out, stay safe, keep it down, get it right.
At some point, we learn to suppress our natural impulses, ideas and motivations, and we don't remember to honor the kickass visions that truly create joy, delight and yes, inspire positive change. They can be so damn scary, and BRIGHT. The universe is blinding when we get a peek, and the responsibility feels overwhelming.
I am creating immersive experiences that are truly transformational, empowering, uplifting and LIFE CHANGING. I have been doing this even as my master's thesis in art school. This is what I do, baby, and I'm goooood at it. I gotta own it, create it and you're lucky if you get to be a part of it. YAS
I am not wishy washy, so I align to my most authentic presence in connecting to those of you I AM meant to lead and guide. I'm not for everybody at this level. (I offer many different ways to experience this transformational love.) With this crew, I want to light up more with my schnizzle, AND be aligned to what I TRULY offer so the time and energy I put into it is SOLID. We need to experiment, play, but be guided with divine and creative vision to evolve to another level. To stretch, breath and expand multidimensionally. We must lead the way by our example, but we need a studio in which we create the alchemy of our offerings and being. Think of an amazing getaway retreat where you evolve from one place to another in love and guidance and KICKASS never before felt inspiration, guidance and energy shifts. But within the context of your daily life, moments evolving through with creative, subconscious POWERFUL positive inspiration and change. Together we witness each other's becoming and our energy transformation and expansion is exponential.
For those of you ready to step up your game, be on the leading edge of creative promo, self realization, and create energy ripples of KICKASS in your own world AND the world of life shaping CONTENT - you know who you are - are you ready to be in the Valtopia zone to truly know the level to which your shnizzle is delightful, shines and you're a #rockstarlovebomb?
That's what I'm talking about. I'm jumping.
I got you peeps. Stay tuned and message me or post below if you are the ones.

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