Happy birthday to meeeee

Happy birthday to meeeee
Can’t wait to do my bday with Alana Roach yassss
I am relaxing up on da couch creating and regenerating AND booking cosmic rockstars into my new offerings and it feels so dreamy and powerful and also true to my vibe, aligned to the way I desire to choose my moments.
It’s easy to level up to rich hot badass once you’ve Phoenix risen time and again.
You do know what to do and you know you’ll take care of yourself, no matter what. You’re a fiery badass with a heart of pink rose gold.
You’re always attuned to the cosmos and grounded and centered like a boss.
And you KNOW that when you devote your life and energy to allowing your big heart to open even more you allow the riches to overflow to mother Gaia and those who choose to awaken and ignite to their own brilliance and strength with our offerings and presence.
You’re a graduate of the Valtopiasphere method of BLISSENING and the SOUL RIGHT proprietary mode of aligned and activated living.
You’re no longer a slave to the binding and constricting rules of society and history that no longer ring true for you. Your cultural programming will be deactivated and regenerated to your highest intentions.
We are powerful creators and we GET to guide our bodies and minds, instead of having our bodies and mind blindly lead us to what has nothing to do with us.
Our own vision and intuition and ability to guide and trust ourselves is KEY to thriving in these current times. We can not afford to wallow in self doubt, fear, anxiety, confusion or running away from our own experiences OR to carry on in false avenues that don’t TRULY divinely align. We are multi talented and it can be tricky to find the highest resonance and center for our creativity and empathy.
We get to leap forward in faith to what our heart KNOWS is the truth and we get to clear the way of what stops us from standing up, speaking the truth, honoring our boundaries in a loving and compassionate way and enjoying the fuck out of our moments by being present and choosing BALLER STATUS whatever that means to each of us.
Own your frequency Supernova there is no one like you.
Cosmic badasses.
HSP Leaders is the new wave of being
Visionary creatives
Psychic empaths
Big hearts with vision
Ambitious AF and ready to ILLUMINATE
👁This is a recalibration of EPIC proportions on all the dimensions throughout all time and space.
You are ready to blow the limits off that are keeping your incredible gifts and joy from the cosmos. You are ready for it to be easy AF AND to weather the storm and stay the course until it is truly natural and in flow for you.
I am Val Cripps, and I am BOSS QUEEN at shifting energy with you and guiding you to a life that LOVES and aligns to your COSMIC rockstar. RAPID RESULTS and power changing shifts - mind. body. spirit.
SOUL RIGHT is the current activation available at all levels:
💰I have only one spot at 33k QUANTUM MAGIC level - painting included
🦋I have two spots at the deeply intimate and personal four month SHIFT OCLOCK level (11k PIF, 3k payplan)
🎉And I have 22 spots left at the Valtopia CELEBRATE popuo group level (currently 44 dollahs! Goes up tomorrow to 88)
These will all fill and a portion of all bookings is designated to support disaster relief.
DM for your access we begin 9/9/2019

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