Happy Holiday GIFT Shine Activation

Allow yourself to shine

As you connect in

With the wisdom that you do always know

And that you may simply have forgotten


Those little glimmers that you get

Those little things that light you up


And you think oh I LOVE THAT


Then as you follow them 

They Lead to another thing and another thing


And pretty soon you’re starting to see how it all comes together

And what it is that you’re remembering about yourself

And when you come into your full epic powerhouse energy

It’s all becoming clear


You know that you can shift in an instant

You can REBOOT and reset and

Allow this fresh energy to come in and letting go of everything that doesn’t serve you


Feel the energy wash away like waves


Let the emotions wash in and of and over you


And find your center and balance right here right now


If you feel an over whelming sense of emotion that’s taking you over

And you’re not ready to find your center and balance

Be grateful for that awareness

And explore what’s coming up for you


You aren’t THERE any more

But you are allowing yourself to review and release what’s coming up for you


As you tune into that emotion


Allowing you to find that emotion

And as guided by your higher self


Let yourself release that energy now


Deleting the mind and all the conscious and unconscious beliefs that are attempting to block

The fresh cosmic receiving that’s coming through

As you resonate in your highest frequencies

Deleting them now


Deleting the collective consciousness and the ancient mind

All the collective energy in our DNA


Deleting all attachments and resonances





Let the energy pass down and relax all your energy centers

Allowing them to spin and resonate at your highest level of being

Guided by your higher self

You’ll know






In your natural body instructions

to take over




to your own highest guidance

When you

Release the patterns and the mind control and the  programming

From others who do not live within your very vessel





Allow your vessel to guide you

Take a deep breath in

And let it go


Let the waves crash over you

Now we’re going to turn in anywhere in the environment there might be something distracting disorganizing or detaching you from your most flowing clear resonant and embodied self

Deleting anything in the environment or any attachment to the environment that may be causing any distractions now


Activating deep self trust in your knowing

In your limitless connection to your ultimate creativity

Allowing you to connect in with your own guidance system more deeply than ever

Allowing you to recognize the synchronicities and signs all around you


Allowing you to feel permission to epic

As you embody your divine soul being within the body and presence that you are right here right now TODAY


Feel the support coming in for you and feel yourself open in that chest

Letting go of all the doesn’t serve


Breathe into your body anywhere you have left yourself along any other timeline

Any connection that has you detached from your highest self deleting them now


Allowing the energies across the multiple timelines to integrate know that as you shift you allow yourself time to be and come into new awarenesses new perspectives new levels of understanding of the way it is


And the way it is is what you allow yourself to embody believe and be


And you have reached a new level of understanding today by deleting all remaining resonances that do not serve your highest connection and being - deleting them now


Would you love to hear my voice and the waves crashing - speaking into creation these deletions, guiding your mind to create new neural pathways DAILY with fresh intention?

YES I DO - OK here is a holiday present just for you!

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