That’s kinda harsh what is written in the image below but sometimes we need a wake up call to come back into your own body and get a grip!! I see too many divine lights caught under their shadow. So much power and energy gets blocked in emotional sabotage and lack of knowledge in how to free up the flow in your energy and body soul system.

It is time to integrate and embody and own our frequencies supernovas!!

Sometimes we get so scared we lie quiet and still, and check out, and wait till it passes so nothing bad will happen to us.

We don’t have to do that ever again.

We get to rewrite the story that says I get confused and check out when I am stretching out of my comfort zone and alerted by my nervous system. We get to shift the dynamic of anxiety and fight or flight we’ve grown accustomed to. We often carry it long past our day of freedom and safety, coloring our experiences, shifting our expectations.

We get to decide no, actually, I don’t have time or desire that person or situation and in fact, yes I do want and can have new friends that are aligned to my hearts calling. (One of my clients just shifted within weeks from feeling outside of everything and everybody to meeting a whole bunch of new friends on a wonderful outing today.)

Life can change in an instant and often does. I see it every day with my clients, week after week, month after month.

When you allow yourself to surrender to the divine flow of the big shift into leading yourself fully, magic and miracles happen because they were here all along. You just had to allow it. Take off the blinders that say you don’t get to have love or its wrong for you to love yourself and have the job or life of your vision and longing. Activate into your own highest wisdom and allow infinite inspiration as you learn to connect into the quantum sphere more deeply than ever.

We are such powerful creators!

Join me in the Valtopiashere for your highest living activation DM to apply for this high level immersion and transformation.

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