How I activated into Priestess Pop Art Magic

Hey gorgeous,

I got hit by a kickass idea, and the minute I had it I knew it was FUN, and powerful, and that I would love it and so would the delightful clients I was asking for would too.  So I've been busy experiencing just THAT! A busy series of weeks creating, connecting and making it happen! So now that I've gotten in the flow of this, more goodness is coming. 

Months ago when I started Valtopia, I would be late night in my studio, and after a day of Facebook connecting, learning about online entrepreneurship, offering to read cards on threads for free, drawing my images of the day that were going to go into the coloring book and publishing videos of the ocean and music I'd created (and my family life) I would unwind by creating digital art on my iPhone. Sometimes I'd draw in my sketch book but often I'd create these portraits of myself, especially if I really needed to release some feelings and keep going, and evolve through a really difficult situation. 

Around March, after I'd done a full watercolor portrait of The Success Priestess, Dana Kalin Narayappa, complete with energy healing and priestess activation, but at the time I was just coming into the experience, I had the idea to do soul vibe portraits, and I jotted it down in my journal.


It was almost two months later when it hit me one night to do it the way I dropped it, and before I shared it I knew it would be a hit. Within 30 seconds of dropping my first one I had booked my first session, and I am two weeks in and delighted to be continuing to book in! I had to raise my prices to keep up with the full magnitude of energy shifting and creative love I'm giving for each client. I will probably have to raise my prices again, or come up with another way to do these experiences, because they are magical and require a lot of energy and some take more time than others. Each one is super transformational for me and my clients and is absolutely moving and powerful. You can watch more about it in this episode of Valtopia TV:

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Thank you for being with me and I look forward to our next connection. Shine on, Valtopian! <3

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