How much of you are we missing?

Are you super-highly sensitive and pick up on others feelings, emotions and vibes? Are there times you feel like you’re at the mercy of the energy, both with the cosmos and around other people?

Are you a highly aware, high level creative who desires to make a greater impact in every experience of your life?

Are you beginning your journey and you can feel the depth of this sensory ability but have no idea how to manage it?

Do you still have trouble fully feeling mastery of your own energy field and presence?

Are you looking to feel more safe in your relationships with others? Safer to express what you really feel and need in a way that feels GREAT and non threatening?

Saturday I spent the day in crowds at the Santa Monica pier like a BOSS. I did pick up on a lot of tight throats and I did feel some tightness and lots of release after we left. But it was WAAAAAY different than how it used to be for me, not to mention I just dropped the money to do the unlimited rides VIP style and enjoy lunch. In the old days I would have been tripped up by the cost and thrown by the crowds, not to mention my kids.

I used to feel low to high level social anxiety in most situations. Nobody ever knew because I fronted really well. I moved a ton as a kid and learned to put on a facade of energy to protect myself. It worked to isolate me from everyone but only those I’d truly connect with and open up to. I learned those connections were hard to come by and I shut down my extra sensory awareness. Trouble is, you can’t shut it down without affecting your BODY. Repression begets construction begets inflammation begets illness.

So not only was I miserable in my mind but I felt like shit physically too. YUCK!! I would have some improvement with fitness but I felt victim to others and no trust with myself. I could not face myself and I didn’t have the tools to calm the inner dialogue and the ensuing anxiety and physical pains and all the crap that comes from that. Literally and figuratively. I HAD followed my dreams and gotten to a high level of experience that many will never live. I should’ve been stoked but I went into it with way too much compromise AGAINST myself and had to really regenerate and realign my life.

There are some really simple and concrete tools and methodology I’ve learned that I’ve been implementing with my clients and I’ve come up with my own signature method of support I’m shaping into a powerful program that will be available soon!

Stop the fakey flakey or whatever half or three quarters version of your life you might be letting yourself live.

Ask away, PM me stop waffling and living less than what comes naturally to you. Let’s guide you through your own “extra sensory control panel” and find out how you can shift energy to your greatest strength.

tighten up your ENERGY 
teach you to master your own VIBE
guide you to feel like a BOSS in your own self

so you can

feel more healthy
be wealthy

so that you

feel great
live your best life

Better you = better world

In this experience you will have daily access to me:

to guide you back to your own clarity
teach you where you may be leaking or giving away your own energy
hold you accountable to new habits and ideas that will support you
point out where you might be sabotaging yourself 
Show you where you are feeling unworthy 
Show you where you may be letting others push your boundaries in a way that compromises your own health and wellness.

These skills are VITAL for creative visionary sensitive LEADERS.

Clean up your own vibe and take charge of your energy and being, honay!

Are you ready to master your sensitivity LIKE A BOSS and bring through the magic and be the impact that you KNOW you are meant to?

Book in for a 123 session with Val and cut to the chase of where you aren't allowing your magic and super power to guide you - this IS your gift - let's accelerate and amplify what IS magical and release other people's ideas of what isn't possible. Anything is possible and you DO know what you're dreaming and creating.


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